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New Workout Schedule

Hey everyone! Today i was looking in the mirror and i realized that my muscles from football season last year are kinda getting smaller. I have a birdie chest again! So i, on the spot, ran to the kitchen and came up with a new workout schedule. I just wanted to see what you guys think of it, and if you guys can come up with any tips or suggestions for me to think about. Thanks alot!


Marching Band practice (usually an hour or an hour and a half)

45 minutes weight lifting/ strength training

15 minutes cardio (prolly boxing or jump rope or running)


Same as mon.


Same as tuesday


Marching band practice

45 minutes of cardio

15 minutes of weight lifting/ strength training


Marching Practice, then play at football game (which means no workout)


1 hour of cardio


Free day/ Whatever i feel like doing

So if you have any sugestions or comments or whatever just drop em here. I might turn this into a log of some sort, or i might make a blog outta it, to track progress. I'll start with 1 hour of cardio tommarow, then ill follow it exactly as i outlined. I'll also be continuing my healthy lifestyle. So yeah. Thats it for now i guess. Talk to ya later.

As always,


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i think you should do atleast 30 min of cardio for ur mon,tues.wed routine.....you need atleast that much to be affective

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Yeah, i was thinking about that. I figured i could burn just as many calories strength training, and build some muscle too. I dunno. I'll experiment till i find something that works for me. Thanks for the tip though!

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