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How to stop skin picking and squeezing?


Im a post accutane ex-acne head ;)

Now i still get the odd breakout since accutane so i had to start Dans regimen last year. I slip usually every month or so and i get another breakout. Right now im in the middle of a bad breakout.

Im sposed to be out tonight meeting a gorgeous girl :wub: , but i cant cause i ashamed of my skin. It'll be ok in a few days, i'll meet her then ;)

Anyway. My skin detoriorates because of 3 things really. And id like some help with them...

1 - Skin Picking and squeezing. I work in front of a PC all day and out of almost boredness, i end up picking. Its a bad habit. How to kick it? Its subconscious. I tried a self hypnosis tape from hypnosisdownloads.com but it wears off. Anything else.

I've stopped nail biting also recently, and this doesnt help my skin as ive longer nails to pick with

2 - Forgetting to follow the regimen. I lose motivation to follow the regimen after a week or so. My skin is clear and i think im ok, so i dont put on BP at night anymore. How or why do i do that, i dont know?

3 - Bad diet. Im not sure if this affects it though. I've gone weeks eating and drinking shite and still had decent skin. I think problem number 1&2 is my main problem. But id love to have the discipline to stick to a great diet. How do you do it?

Thanks for the help...

Maybe the last thing id like help with is how to keep the head up when the skin goes down, if you know what i mean. Why do i lose my confidence. It was only like a week ago when i would see a guy with a bad breakout keeping his head down, and id want to say to him, that no-ones see's it and it doesnt matter. Why cant i say that to myself? I want pity or soemthing. I cant explain my thought process but i know its all ridiculous selfpity

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I ttly kno what ur saying And I can help.

1. This is my insentive not to pick: every time up scratch, pop, squeeze a pimple u release bacteria that causes acne under ur skin. U will get more in the sma place not to mention scaring and ugly scabs. Try playing with clay while ur on the comp to keep ur hands busy and cut ur nails every 2 wks or so.

2. think about how ur skin will look in the morning if u dont use the bp. I have had this prob b4 and finally I just put a paper on the back of my door telling myself to go wash my face :) .

3.diet (at least 4 me) does affect my skin. If u can illiminate the "bad' foods around u u will not be as tempted to eat them. Also when u get a craving for sweets go for an orange instead, because it (to me at least) has great flavor. I love green tea too so instead of grabbing a soda I grab a tea bag.

when I get a bad break out I use bad lighting in the morning to look at my face in, but I still aply the bp to the places I kno are bad. If I cant see the acne I dont stress about it and become more of myself. When that doesnt work I ice the pimple so it looks good for a few hrs in the morning and then I forget about it during the day :)

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the part in your number 3 about using bad lighting hits me right on the money. I would NEVER turn my light on full blast, usually half way or less. But through the summer when i had clear skin, i knew that i should go full blast becasue i havnt in 6 years, until i broke out again bad and im back to the dark lighting. If only people knew the things that we go through...

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