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14 months on the Regimen and acne is back ... help !


Excuse my English but I am French.

I have a problem with the regime of Dan.

For 14 months I'm on the regime.

I had no buttons on the face.

The scheme worked perfectly

I am the regime religiously 2 times a day with jojoba oil to moisturize and benzoyl peroxide Dan.

But now since 3 weeks, I have new acne. Several buttons every day. On my face but also on my chest and my neck .. I have not changed my routine. I do not understand why I again acne. I am so sad and desperate after a year of beautiful skin! What to do, why?

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i would say take supplements like zinc, fish oil, and if u can pantheoric acid (B5) when i started to sum supplements i noticed sum improvements. also tryin puttin lime in water and drinking it. i feel ya pain :comfort:

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i would say don't use the jojoba oil- especially not BEFORE the BP....

wash your face

apply the BP (maybe more than the usual amount and make sure to let it soak in)

let time go by for the BP to soak into your skin

apply moisturizer if needed... only on your dry spots

i don't use moisturizer. my skin is very oily.

OR you can try using a 2% salycic (spelling?) acid cleanser which will open your skin better for the BP to penetrate. (again i'd suggest applying the BP after washing your face instead of after the jojoba oil)

bon chance!

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