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Switching Regimens too much

Anyone do this? I change up my regimens way too often, sometimes for the better but sometimes I feel I don't give products enough of a chance because they don't work right away, or within a week or 2. I've been with my cleanser for a little less than 2 weeks now and I feel like switching. It's not breaking me out but it's not really doing anything. I still have mild but fairly persistent acne and then red marks/hyperpigmentation I need to clear up. I'm basically looking for something that can stop any new acne so I can just worry about my marks, which are slowly fading but still there. It's just that new acne turns into new marks and my skin seems to mark really bad, even when I completely leave the pimple alone and let it "pop" and heal on its own. I hate it.

I feel I'm pretty smart about my regimen choices and study and read about products excessively but I think changing up products constantly is a bad thing and I gotta stop. I actually read about this stuff WAY too much. I'm actually quite interested in skin care in general but the fact that I'm constantly studying it because I'm worried about my skin is probably not the best use of my time. I guess I'm just looking for that miracle product where I'll see results within a few days, if it even exists. I've had a few where I've seen really good results within a few weeks but then I still end up switching after maybe a month or 2 max because I feel I build up a tolerance or something. I just get frustrated because when I continue to see new breakouts I just blame the products I'm using and think that there must be something better out there. I just hate the idea of a regimen taking up to 3-6 months to actually work but it's something I need to start realizing and get my skin used to the same products.

Anyway, I just had to vent. I've been through countless regimens and products, blown a ton of money and I really wish I could find a simple, quick maybe 2-3 steps at most regimen to clear me up a bit.

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