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Right, first post...

Thanks mainly to the regimen, after several years the skin on my face is finally starting to clear. However, I have problems with my back and chest which, as I'm sure you all understand, are difficult to deal with topically, partly because of difficulty of application, but mainly because of the cost of buying sufficient amounts of product to deal with such large areas.

Whilst my back has some inflamed spots, the main problem is that right across my shoulders and to an extent further down my back I'm totally covered in closed comedones. These sprung up, ironically enough, while on a course of Accutane about three years ago. The Accutane was somewhat effective on my face, though not the miracle cure some have found it to be, but on my back all it seemed to do was bring out these comedones; if it had brought them out all the way into fully inflamed lesions then dealt with them, I wouldn't have minded, but that never happened. The comedones just stayed as they are; horrible white lumps just below the surface of the skin that now don't get any worse but never go away either. I know there's discussion about people thinking they have comedonal acne only for it to turn out to be something else, but comedones were definitely what the dermatologist who prescribed me the Accutane - and attempted, unsuccessfully to treat the comedones with hyfrecation - told me these things were.

Although obvious nobody sees my back as often as they see my face, now my face is a little better the comedones on my back are what get to me the most... I'd love to be able to deal with them. Now, I've read a lot on here about possible solutions for comedones using BP, AHA and BHA but as I said, I've got a large area to treat here.

As such, I was wondering if anybody had any experience of whether B5, or, for that matter, any other oral/non-topical treatment has any measure of success at dealing with this kind of widespread, stubborn, closed comedonal acne.

Many thanks, sorry for such a long post!

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