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10 second wash?

Alright, so I have been on accutane twice, and have paid a huuuge amount of money on pills, topicals, and over the counter products. I still have stubborn, moderate acne and I am going to try this regimen that has so many good reviews.

I'm reading the steps carefully, but the one thing that confuses me is the 10 second face washing. I know that you're supposed to be gentle with your face when washing it, but 10 seconds? how in the world does that clean your skin at all?

I use that little neutrogena wave tool to wash my face, so will it screw up the regimen if I use this instead of washing with my hands for 10 seconds?

I'm really hoping that this works. I am so sick of acne, especially since accutane failed me twice. keeping my fingers crossed!!

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I would not recommend using the wave tool to cleanse with. Dan recommends just bare hands. And yes, a 10 second wash is all that's needed. You want to just get the surface of the skin clean and prepared for the benzoyl peroxide.

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the washing your face part is not the key ingredient of the regimen. The BP is. You are basically prepping your face for the BP application. Also keep in mind, when you are washing the face wash off of your face that is not included as the 10 secs. So therefore you are not really washing your face for 10 secs only. More like spreading the facewash for 10 secs, then rinsing for another 20 or 30.

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