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Why did I start getting red marks?

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I used to be lucky in that when my pimples faded, I wasn't left with red marks. About 6 months ago I started getting them though, and I'm wondering if anyone knows what can cause that change..? I've been switching around products.. I think I was actually doing the oil cleansing method + tea tree oil when I started getting them. Now I use Oxy. But I can't really find a connection.

Could it possibly have to do with diet or hormones? I'm mystified. :think:

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I'm not saying this is the problem, but I have extremely sensitive skin and every time I get a breakout, the marks from it will remain for several weeks afterwards. So my theory is that sensitive or fragile skin takes longer to restore itself.

Perhaps your skin has become more sensitive lately? I dunno.

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Could it possibly have to do with diet or hormones? I'm mystified.

Yes!!! But it really depends if you're going through puberty, if so then that may be the problem. And try not to eat many jusnk foods or oily/greasey foods. Hope it helps!!!

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I'm 17, so yes my hormones are probably doing crazy things :P

I'm not sure if my diet changed drastically though. I've been vegetarian for a few years now, but I'm wondering if I'm not getting enough of some nutrient. I started taking omega 3 pills recently, so we'll see if that does anything.

oryon - I was thinking along those lines, that some product had made my skin unable to restore itself. i'm not really using salicylic acid anymore, but other than that I've been switching around so it's hard to tell. also, it seems like when I get body acne those marks stay longer too, which is why I was wondering if something else was the problem.

thanks for the input guys :angel:

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I just started getting red marks a few years ago as well and they've gotten significantly more obstinate now that I am on Retin-A Micro .1%. I used to be on Avita (Tretinoin .025%). I'm wondering if the tretinoin is making my skin more sensitive and causing the red marks? Maybe a product you are using is doing the same thing?

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I've been switching around products..

Maybe it's because you're switching too often making your skin more sensitive ? I've always gotten red marks though :( I think it was because I was too rough with my skin, now I take my regimen very gently instead of like a scrub lol.

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