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trucker t

hyperthetically speaking...

hey there

silly question really...but i dont suppose anybody out there knows the science to see if its possible to take any of the contraceptive pills to help with the male acne???????!!!!!

ive done alittle research behind it and i think if you found the balance in the hormone it could work.for example if you seem to have high testosterone(high sex drive etc) sweaty(oily skin)spradic hair growth etc and these seem to coinside with acne related conditions/symtons could it work??????

its seem to me that i cant find anybody out there that has thought of this or even tried it.


oh p.s

yes ive tried all the other methods of ridding my self of acne,even tempted to try ut!!!!!


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Actually yes, taking birth control may help a little for guys with acne but probably not that much since it won't reduce testosterone levels enough for a guy to have much effect. Also you may also get minor gynecomastia(male breasts). Like you I had tried everything for my moderate acne, even accutane. I'm transsexual and have transitioned from male-to-female so anti-testosterone therapy was part of my hormone therapy and was the only thing that worked 100%. It has reduced oil to normal levels and cleared me up completely.

I feel that even if I wasn't transsexual and lived as a guy that using anti-androgens would be worth it to clear up my skin.

The drugs listed will significantly lower testosterone and contain no estrogen so gynecomastia would be unlikely.

-Adrocure (Cyproterone Acetate)


The effects for an adult male would be - low sex drive, no male pattern baldness, less frequent/smaller erections, less skin oil production, less muscle mass, lower metabolism, slower body hair growth, no sperm, possible permanent infertility.

Pubescent /pre-pubescent - stop male puberty, voice/body, permanent infertility

Obviously you would not want to take them until completing puberty (no earlier then 18) unless you wanted to become less male bodied. Either way you would not find a doctor to prescribe an anti-androgen to a male unless you are mtf transsexual. You can buy it online if you know where to go.

hypothetically :think:

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