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Zineryt - Acne Miracle?

Hi There, I recently stumbled upon your site and I do not see any mention of a product by the name of Zineryt.

Ok, so I am in the UK and I guess you guys are probably in the US, therefore I can only assume that this product is not widely available.

I have suffered with adult acne from my mid twenties and this peaked around my early thirties when it was at its most severe.

Like most acne sufferers I was at my wits end and was trawling the net for a miracle cure (as you do). Anyway, I came across a testimony from a girl here in the UK who had experienced a similar set of circumstances in respect of her acne and she had hailed a product called Zineryt. She called it a miracle cure and urged all sufferers out there to at least try it.

I had tried all sorts of medications, without success, I hasten to add and out of shere desperation I appreached my GP (Doctor) and asked if he could prescribe this to me.

He was very reluctant to prescribe this and said that he doubted very much that it would do anything as my acne was quite severe, so much so I could not even bare to put make up on and try and cover it up.

Eventually he said it was worth a try and prescribed it for me.

It is a topical lotion which is basically erythromycin contained in a Zinc acetate solution. It is mixed up by the pharmacist and should reach you as a liquid in a bottle with a sponge type applicator. Once the solution is mixed it has a life of only about 6 weeks.

Anyway, I sceptically tried the so called miracle cure and applied the solution twice daily, once in a morning after showering and once in the evening before going to bed. I did not apply anything else to my skin.

My skin is very oily and this solution does dry it out. You can smell the alcohol in the solution as soon as you apply it and have to becareful applying it around the mounth and eye areas for obvious reasons.

The next morning I noticed an immediate difference, the infalmmation was going down and the spots were actually starting to clear up. I seriously could not belive what I was seeing!

I persisted with this over the next 6 weeks, went back for a re-prescription and found that I only had to aply it once a day (I found a night time application was best) and that I could back to a skin care regime.

Whilst I appreciated this worked for me, and I don't expect it to work for everybody, but I truely urge all out there to at least try it. I can't stress enough what a difference it has made to my skin and for me it truly was a mircale cure. Whilst acne is one of things that will never be truely cured, I beleive that this is as close as you are likely to get.

Over the last three years , I have occassionally gone back for a re prescription when I have had the odd spot flare up and it has worked again and again. I no longer need and creams, tablets or anything else just the odd bottle of Zineryt. It is produced by the Yamamouochi (I think thats how you spell it) corporation - shcek it out on the internet - it truely is fantastic, please please at least try it, you have nothing to lose!!

Good luck, and I look forward t hearing form those of you who manage to try it out.

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I lived in the UK for a while and I used this...

It was the worst thing I have ever used. The Zineryt smelled like piss and made me break out more and more over the course of a month. Even if I quit too early I don't think it would have been worth it to continue. For some people this may work but my skin responded horribly.

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