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Is my acne really bad?

It's not....

But anyway go to the derm before it's too late (scars arhhh :( )..

I'm so sorry that I haven't visited derm when it just started...

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Nope its not too bad my acne is similar to yours but its more concentrated on one area, but anyways i went to see a derm and he put me on tetracycline for 6 weeks and i was clear after 2 weeks and now i rarely get spots, i think i got maybe 3 within the first 4 weeks of the antibiotics.

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Your acne is mild. How long have you been using BP? Are you on DKR? If so, you'll definitely get clear soon enough.

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As much as possible don't get yourself into antibiotics. Please.

you have minor acne! Don't stress too much about it. Trust me, if there's one thing that would exacerbate it it's the stress you're putting yourself through because of the acne. It's a never ending cycle.

Don't go overboard as well. Be gentle. Be healthy. It will sort itself out. If it doesn't then it's a hormonal thing and you might want to consider going to the derm.

Please, I'm just passing onto you what I've learned, but just let it play out. Don't be too vain. I was and i did all kinds of crazy stuff because i was too vain and desperate, i ended up irritating my skin, aggravating the acne, and when i wen to derm, I already had scars. It wasn't even that bad before. I was just magnifying it so much.

Cheers and I wish you all the best

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