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How do I embark on the "do nothihng" regimen?

So after reading about peoples success with the "do nothing" regimen, Ive decided to try it. I want my skin to heal up from all the damage of using BP over the last 13years. Im 25 years old and have been getting breakouts only on my chin since doing the DKR for the past couple of years (Did all the drugstore brand stuff before that, as well as proactive for a couple years). I have been applying the BP very heavily but have seen nothing but breakouts only in the chin area. No one in my family has or even had much acne to speak of. So im thinking the BP use over the last so many years since peuberty has caused my skin to break down and become weak, which perpetuates my acne.

So im going in with guns blazing. Ive got the diet worked out (Paleo mostly), Im trying to supplement with fish oil, vitamin C, E, B complex and Zinc. Im putting a stop to all cleansers BP and moistuizer. (all of which were the acne.org (Dan's) brand) and im going to start washing with just lukewarm water 2x a day with my clean bare hands.

Only problem so far (day 2) is excess dryness in the chin area. This area is where i have most of my problems, and the bp obviously has done its work there. now I'm getting flakiness. My question is should I be exfoliating during this time? if so, what method would i use to cause the least aggravation/irritation of my skin?

will the moisturizer speed the healing process? or potentially clog the pores while theyre trying to purge?

thanks for any suggestions

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