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Switching to Tazorac from Tretinoin


I finished Accutane last November. May 2008, I went to the dermatologist to start scarring treatment. I started on Stieva-A (Tretinoin, 0.025%). Used it for 3 months, it really helped maintain a good complexion without Acne, as I was still getting a bit after Accutane.

I went for my first chemical peel last Wednesday (August 27th, 08), and my face is responding well. It is just starting to peel, and my hyperpigmentation is looking good.

I was told to continue a retinoid in between the peels (they will be a month apart). I had good results from Tretinoin, but I switched to Tazorac 0.05% to see if I can get even better results.

Question: Do you believe better results can be achieved with Tazorac? (acne control, and skin tone). The instructions for Tazorac are to apply only for 15-20 seconds before bedtime, then wash off. Increase exposure time as tolerated. Do you think this makes sense? I was on Tretinoin for 3 months, so my skin should be able to handle Tazorac overnight no problem, right? I've never heard of only applying a cream then washing it off. I shouldn't have another IB where I was already on a retinoid?

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If your skin is already accustomed to using a retinoid, I think you could probably go ahead and use the Tazorac without the introduction period, but that's up to you. If your skin is irritated at the moment from the peel, I'd wait a few days to introduce it though.

I use Tazorac at night, and boy does it make me peel daily. But it's helped plump out the skin and minimize some scarring, so for that I will continue with it.

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Yes, I'm going to wait about a week or so until I begin using Tazorac. Definitely won't put it on when my face is already peeling.

I didn't know Tazorac literally made your face peel. It must be much stronger than Tretinoin?

So the "regular" application of Tazorac is at night, and not washing it off until morning, right? My derm was rather unhelpful with explaining the regular application of Tazorac. She really recommended just short-contact, for at least a month... and didn't tell me how to do it after that.

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