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Has anyone else heard about these horrid things re:accutane?????

I read on some kind of accutane survivors message board the accutane can cause:

1. Erectile Disfunction (males - obviously!)

2. Loss of orgasm intensity and ability to achieve orgasm (females more than males)

these two, coupled with the potential and quite realistic hariloss have meant that my accutane course is still in the box - untouched - and i am going to try and live with my clown like face for a bit longer to see how it goes...

...this time next week could be a different story though... see how i fair on the dancefloors of one of the many great british nightclubs!

yeeee ha!!!!


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I was thinking about asking my doc for accutane, but think I should do a bit more research now! Could it really cause hairloss aswel?!?...........Saying that though, its amazing the things we will try even though some of the medications have some quite serious possible side affects. I am currently on Dianette even though i know it could cause blood clots, crazy when you think about it.

Good luck with your say no approach!

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Have a good read of the Accutane Survivors board guys and the scientific studies section. Yes it can cause both sexual side-effects in men and women and it happens more frequently than people think.

You could try a low dose treatment of like 20mg a day and see how you get on? Personally though, in hindsight, I'd keep it in the box.

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