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Easy method to cover up pimples

Sounds easy, Sounds gay, but it works...

My family was in Vegas for the weekend so I had the whole house to myself! I decided to look around my parents bathroom out of boredom and found my mom's make up kit...I felt really stupid but I remembered how she looked with it on and off and i noticed the difference...I also remembered that I had school orientation to go to in about an hour where they would take out PICTURES right there...

I knew something had to be done...

So I look around and found a cylinder case with powder, fair skin tone i suppose but i didn't care! I grabbed a little puffy brush, put it in the powder and went to town! In less than 2 minutes my face was photoshopped! You couldn't see a thing! I was so happy I went and took the picture with no red! I was afraid of people noticing the make up but it was unnoticeable...

so to all guys that need a quick fix, be brave and grab some of your GF's make up! it works hella fast!

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I am a girl and I don't think ther's anything wrong w/ a guy wearing makeup to cover up his acne....I mean personally I think guys have it worse when it comes to acne...us girls can easly cover it up and most guys just have to go around with red bumpy blotchy skin i would never joke or think bad of a guy if he had a lil powder or concealer on

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Not everyone can wear make up, though. If I put anything on my face my acne reacts like a bitch.

The same thing with me :(

BTW for some reason people think that I wear makeup (I don't).

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