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( I figured my regime belonged here so ill just copy paste =) ). Its been about 1year and a half since i was last on here, kinda gave up hope. That last regime i was on, i dont veen remeber what it was ill have to read my post haha, i gave up coz my skin went back to shit. So bloody ages later i finally have regime, ive bin on it for 8 months and im never going off it coz there is nothing left i can do.

It doesnt stop or help pimples, but it does not break me out ( i break out from other factors) it just stops from burning the shit outta my skin, help my new found ezema excema ezzeeyma you klnow what im talking about lol and relieves my finally discovered dry skin. anypoops pretty much i have very dry skin, all i have to do is wash it a couple of times with luke warm water and it hurts and chaffs fun fun fun, and since i was 18 have been using product made for oily skin, not good anypoops ill get on with it heres my regime:

Morning: Nothing ( if feel a bit dry i put on alittle bit of virgin coconut oil)

Night: wash with either QV face wash for dry sensitive skin or natural instinct cream cleanser then

moisturize with virgin coconut oil.

and there you have it, after 5 years and lots of money, thats my freakin regime lol. coconut oil is the only and i mean only thing that does not break me out, every other moisturizer does including olive oil and sweet almond oil w.t..f. so i heaps reccomend it, smells really yummy and its as healthy to eat as well, reduces cholesterol.

Oh and only recently ie 2 weeks ago reduced my sugar intake, it has made my skin look more ...glowy i guess you cud say, but we'll see.

So yeah ther ya have it. I dont really have to update on the regime becoz as i said ive been on it for 8 months and it has been Consistently really good. But i will update of the whole reducing sugar thing, because i eat alot of , choclates, softdrinks and biscuits so it shud have an affect.

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