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nodules on jawline going on 3 weeks HELP !!!

Ok so I'm in the moderate to severe acne range.

The past couple of months my acne has been on my jawline on both sides of my face, right between my ear and my chin and getting kind of on my neck. I get big nodules on there. It's annoying because they last forever for weeks you know. Sometimes they bleed on there own if I accidently touch it to move my hair out of the way. I have long nails so I touch them or scratch them by accident.

Bottom line is. I don't know what to do anymore. These nodules are the ones that leave marks and later become scars you know. I ice them everyday. I use Dan's Regimen. I've been taking Doxy, Spiro and BCP for 3 weeks now. I havn't seen improvement w/ my nodules since I started taking my new regimen. I know it takes time - but I alteast want them to go down a bit you know atleast see some type of improvement, some kind of sign that it's working for me. And the thing that sucks is that I'm suppose to get my period next week, so that means more breakouts for me.

It gets me mad.

Another thing is that I wear my hair down at work. I try to cover up the acne nodules w/ my hair. I don't want no one staring. But when I get home I put my hair up.

Oh yeah I also used the egg white mask 3 days this week. It helped make my skin feel smooth. I used the baking soda thing too 3 times this week - no improvement.

Anyone else have other tips or suggestions to help make this nodule go away soon? I know there's going to a Derm and have some injections for it to go away. But I don't have insurance right now.

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its a pain when they last that long.... ive never tried the ice trick though..... personaly i believe its a bad method as it closes the pours... anyways this was your rant not mine

the baking soda is not meant to help your acne clear as such.... its a gental exfolator (this means it gets all the dead skin off which blocks pours causing break outs)

as for the egg white mask i use to use that for redness (general rather than red marks or anything) but i used that for nearly a month and thoguht it wasnt working... then i stopped using it a few days later my face looked much more red so i think it makes suttle differences over time rather than an instant difference. but that would still leave you with a raised part on your skin... which is still very notiable with something like a nodule

the good news is that you should now be seeing if the regium is working for you... as its takes about 3 weeks for any new regium to kick in.

nodules are best to be left alone to heal natuarly... when you try and hurry the process you make the scars much worse (not always but a fair amount of the time)... but lemon juice twice a day will clear minor scars up in a few days

in this case your lucky you can use your hair to hide it.... with any luck the nodule will have faded by the time your period starts so you can focus on that if you unlucky and break out but your new regium should help protect you a little bit (...considering this post is a week old it prob has already started)

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Thanks Daniel..wow you know so much don't you..lol

yeah I use the baking soda every night..I've noticed a difference..

Sadly - not much of an improvement on the regimen..starting week 5 this week..

I saw my Internist last week and suggested I stop my Spiro, and Doxy and my BCP. I want to take a hormone test and since the Spiro didn't do nothing at all she said to just stop and do the blood work. BCP stop to since I want this test done. Doxy stop because too long to be on antibiotics - 3 months straight..

I finally made an appt. w/ the derm next month. Let's see how it goes

In the mean time I'm just going to stay on the regimen and hang in there until my derm appt. :)

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I used to have 2 big nodules on my jawline, each at one side of my face.

All I did was just wash with a gentle cleanser, and sometimes yellow-ish stuff comes out of it. I just squeeze(bad move) and wipe it away.

Now that my nodules have flatten(took about 1month+), they leave a really nasty looking red marks/scars on my jawline. It's just a big red patch there, like you have just been burnt with a lighter or something. The reason is because I squeezed it, and causing damage to the skin tissue surrounding it. The mark will probably take a year or two to heal.

So if you want nice and smooth skin, leave it alone. Would you want a nodule for 2 months or a nasty red mark/scar for 2 years?

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