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People who know nothing about acne yet insist on giving their serious opinion or trying to help

My dad went to go pick up a refill for my prescription, which is 5% bp and an antibacterial something in it with a big name. Anyway he calls from the pharmacist asking if I want any otc things, I basicly said no just the prescription. He insists that he asks the pharmacist because appeariantly they are now experts on acne.

Anyway he comes home with 2 different brands of 5% bp along with my prescription that has 5% bp in it. :think:

Appeariantly the pharmacist also thinks moisturizing = bad and I should stop using aloe vera. Instead I should start using this bp 2x as often because appeariantly dry skin = good. They explained to my dad that no, bp doesn't oxygenate the skin, it simply dries it out, and the drying of the skin is what gets rid of acne.. :naughty:

And I don't even have oily skin what so ever.

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Totally hear you. So often I hear people tell me that what they tell thier children is "just soap and water" and I usually have to bite my tounge. That can be so harmful!

And kudos to you for speaking out to your dad - YOU know skincare and YOU are correct!

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Lots of pharmacies have a policy of offering generics instead of name-brand items. I can see a pharmacy offering an OTC alternative as well because dermatology is an area not often covered by insurance plans and some of the products can be incredibly expensive.

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