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Dry, peely skin

How can I make my yucky dry, peely skin look less gross under makeup? I wear Bare Minerals if that makes a difference.

Thanks so much!

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bare minerals is a great start I love that stuff but i would put like an extra layer of moisturizer on ur skin b4 u apply makeup just kinda cake it on cuz it won't hurt and let ur skin drink it in and also make sure u moisturize at night

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Especially with mineral make-up, make sure you exfoliate your skin, then moisturize before applying make-up.

I use jojoba oil. I put a drop on my finger tips then gently pat round my face. I let it sit for a minute, then apply my minerals.

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I agree with the comment about exfoliating.

If you are experiencing persistent dryness and peeling, I would recommend stopping any medicated topicals you are using, and following this regimen until you have it under control:

At night, SLATHER your face in either Aquaphor or Vaseline. If you want to speed things along, use another moisturizer under the Aquaphor or Vaseline.

It will feel gross, because neither Aquaphor nor Vaseline "sink in" when you apply. But it is worth it. Put a towel over your pillow if you feel the need.

In the morning, wash as usual, and exfoliate with something gentle. I use dissolved aspirin, myself, but a clean washcloth will work too. I would not recommend using baking soda (some people do) as it is quite alkaline and may dry your skin further.

After washing, moisturize as you normally do, and go about your day. Repeat this regiment nightly until your face feels "balanced". To maintain, put Aquaphor over your topicals at night.

EDIT: I see you use Aquaphor already. I would still try the above regimen, as you may not "slather" it like I suggest.

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