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2nd Time's a Charm, right???

:doh: Forgot to say that my derm started on 80mgs a day just like my first course and perscribed Sotret this time.

Last time I took Clavaris.


I didn't end up taking it last night.

Just waited for today.

Took 2 40mg's together this am. :dance:

I'm wondering if I should split them up 40mg in the AM and 40mg in the PM like I did my first course so I'm also adding more mg's into my body.

My perscription just said to take 2 pills once daily.... :think:

Of course I have no side effects yet.

Let the good times roll!

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Thank you JSully! :cool:

I hope your skin clears up for good too!!


SKIN: My face was pretty badly broken out when I started thanks to my monthly cycle. So with that being said I seem to be clearing up with those spots but I also have gotten 4-5 new spots already.

My face was also looking alittle redder than normal last night....

SIDE EFFECTS: The good ole headaches but not much else. Oh falling asleep last night SUCKED!

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Thanks for stopping by Iliad! I appreciate the kind words!

Don't be a stranger... ;)


SKIN: Last break out is still healing-VERY slowly :rolleyes:

About 3 White heads that can't really be "popped" like before Tane.

Not that I'm trying too pick too much-but I do see if they will pop easily or not. If not I don't mess with em'.

I skipped moisturizer the last few days to try to speed up the healing of my breakout and it seemed to help but I'm starting to get flakes so no more missing an application of my lotion. :naughty:

SIDE EFFECTS: Occasional headaches, back was hurting this am, still does when I bend over. Accutane? Not sure, I could have just slept funny.

Speaking of sleeping well. These last few nights I have slept like a baby! :D

Awww! I love my sleep!

Other than that, typical drier lips. Aquaphor is my best friend. (has been since my first course!) :wub:

Anyways, yesterday I got my hair done.

Went a little darker since fall is approaching plus it's cheaper to maintain then my blonde highlights. :cool:

Not much else going on since I work everyday of my life. :lol:

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