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HELP!! redness/burns around eyes, i think from benzoyle peroxide

i've been using 10% benzyle peroxide stuff, and i have eliminated all of the acne, but now i have equally bad red marks around my eyes that look reallly dumb, lol. i didn't know b4 not to put it around eyes. it looks like i got punced in the face, haha. WhAt should I doo???? hellllpps me!!

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Oh crap i think that's what i have lol. Not that i really mind coz i use make up =P Um are they irritated though? coz all i have is mild redness on my entire face (except for forehead- that's where i least use BP) but i thought it would just go down in time i guess...i think it has now that my skin is finally clearing up (thank god).

I think it'll eventually go, it's probably just because this stuff is strong so it irritates you..maybe your skin will get used to it. If it doesn't then i would really reccommend using a lower concentration of BP coz 10% is VERY strong (that's what i use right now and hate it..) and also a sunscreen to help protect your skin.

In the meantime you could wear a lil foundation..

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knock that bp down to 2.5 man...10 is way to strong. dan and neutrogena and some derms say that 2.5 is just as effective. aloe vera is probably all i would put on it. i had the same thing. it goes away eventually. it's like racoon eyes...like you've been in the tanning bed, lol.

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