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Good foundations???


So I was just wondering which foundation do you use, or is best coverage for problem skin?

Ive been using Maybelline Superstay for a while, but found as my skins getting a bit worse recently its just not giving me the coverage I need. It also cakes up easy so no chance of building up.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Lil'Miss x

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After years of trying virtually evrything on the market, I found MAC studio fix fluid and it looks great. Can't remember how much it was now, thats how long ago I bought it because that's how long it lasts!

Also the Clarins radiance illuminating one I used to use before and it was good.

Both are oil-free.

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I tired MAC's SFF too but instead of loving it i hate the stuff which is a shame because i was so looking forward to it after hearing great reviews..

It cakes up terribly on me, accentuates my flakiness and it don't match my skin :( I so wanted to love this stufff...

Now i use a combination of Everyday Minerals and Revlon Colourstay...both are cheap and both are good lol

First i do the minerals so i don't have to use as much liquid foundation (which can be quite bad for your pores) and i get as much coverege as i can with the minerals first, then i use very little Revlon Colourstay to 'seal it in' as minerals tend to just slide off my face. I do this using a stippling brush (MAC's 187...i LOVE this brush) and then on top i use i lil more minerals just to get the colour closer to my skin as the liquid foundation doesn't really match me =/ and i know this sounds crazy and like a lot of work but it's actually really working for me! o and i know it sounds like a cakey mess but trust me it's not...i would never leave the house with cakey foundation..nuh uh i guess im just a pro at this hehe.

I'm sure there are less complicated ways to do your foundation and better foundations to use this is just what i found helpful to me >.<

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I have been using Bare Minerals for the past 6 months and absolutely love it! I have very acne prone/sensitive skin and have tried many different kinds of foundations, powders, etc. and this is the only one that truly covers flawlessly and so lightweight.

Hope this helps and good luck!



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honestly- ive gone through so much foundation- i am the queen at this

i personally hate wearing foundation- i wish i had no red marks so i could get away with a little powder for my oily skin!

but since liquid is a MUST for perfectionists.....

I recommend the Makeup Forever HD line at Sephora- you can get samples and try it to see how it wears and if you like it etc.... the people at sephora are GREAT at helping match colors and letting you take samples and even if you buy something you can return it if its not right- believe me i made a pain out of myself there but the girls are really nice. its intimidating at first but now i walk in there like i own the place!

the line is expensive but its oil free and it works (you can read all about it on sephora.com) - the makeup wears well.. covers imperfections so i dont even need a concealer.... and its not cakey and keeps my oily skin looking matte for a long time- it does the trick on my red spots- and i have worn it long hot days and not broken out from it so... its good.

my ultimate favorite foundation though was Givenchy sublime.... but i cant find a sephora near me that carries it... ugh. that was the best foundation EVER.

- oh- and i use a foundation brush to apply it.. and i clean the brush every 2 uses using a brush clear i got from sephora too. the brushes make the foundation blend seemlessly into the skin as opposed to fingers which leave streaks!

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Hi everibady!! I have acne scars and I would like to know if there are some product to cover them..please help me!!!!Kisses

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