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Ok, i've had enough of you now: Roaccutane Diary

No its not a jibe at all at acne.org!

this is my diary, i realised i should make one, mainly for my own use, to take pictures and look back on them.

Point of interest, i've been taking photos, does anyone else agree it looks a hell of a lot better in photos you take?!

ok, so i start on the beginning of day 3, not much to report from the other two days other than a little bit of dry lips, sorted out by chap-stick. Also a few pimples appearing, one on the neck. Overall i feel my face is oily in the evening but less oily in the day.

What i do ask is, my skin is still a little dry from my last treatment so is it best to apply moisturizer, although the idea is to reduce oil, or to leave the dry patches and hope the skin gets used to it?

many thanks, hope your treatment goes well

will be uploading pictures, imac permitting!






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lips are dry now:( it was inevitable so im not too worried. I have had more pimple flare-ups, including a few painful ones on my nose! grr...

sometimes i feel reluctant to do things, slightly depressed momentarily. Due to my anxiety i think this may be related, but i do have to remember i am 15 so i am naturally going to feel a bit crap from time to time!:)

i am hoping the roaccutane will kick in soon. I am on 70mg a day so could anyone hazard a guess as to how long it will take to work? i realize it is different for everyone.

many thanks

keep with it!


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