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Dealing with humid weather

Hello everyone,

I'm originally from Phoenix, Arizona but I am currently studying in China on an exchange program. The weather here is extremely humid and is taking a toll on my skin. I am also living in the dorms which are pretty small and cramped so the air flow is quite bad. Classes have not started yet which i believe will aggravate my skin even more due to the stress of vigorous studying.

Within the first week of arriving here i have developed 3 deep cysts on my left jawline that are very painful. I am also getting white heads (nodules?) in multiple places on my face: around my lips, cheeks, forehead, temples, back of neck.

I was wondering how people deal with acne in humid weather because my skin is used to dry heat. I am currently just using the Neutrogena Acne stress control cream and Benza-clin morning and night. Throughout the day I have to use about 3 oil sheets on my face. If anyone lives in a tropical climate and has any solutions for dealing with acne your help would be much appreciated!

P.S.: I'm on a college student budget so a trip to the dermatologist will be difficult unless the prices are cheap (i haven't checked yet)

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It's not quite so humid here in NY, but I have very oily skin so I hope I may be able to help you. =)

I use Noxema, the original kind, on my face once or twice a day. It's a mask that cleans up oil/dirt/dead skin and it leaves your skin really clean. It also calms down irritation.

You might want to give it a try; its about 8-10 dollars and comes in a blue tub with enough to last you for at least one to two months. Hope this helps, and good luck!

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