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Someone who keeps you smiling

I have this guy friends who most people claim as my boyfriend(even my mom)

but to me he really is jus a good friend we dont really need a relationship title

anyway I finally told him one day that I was taking a perscription for my skin

and the first thing he said was

"Your skin is not even that bad"

It surprised me because other people Ive gotten close to or even dated

have mentioned my skin in a bad way sometimes jokinly but other times not

but this was the first time I felt like someone was looking at me for who I am.

Now I know that evertime he looks at me he is actually LOOKING AT ME and not through me.

Anyone else have someone who jus makes all the bad


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My boyfriend of 3 years. He never really has seen me with bad skin because he was in the Army for a few years and is now at West Point and he is gone a lot and it is usually while he is away that my skin goes crazy. He always listens to me freaking out about it while he is away though and makes sure to tell me how "stunning and beautiful" I always look. If only he knew, haha. He is my major support system I would say and boy do I appreciate all the nice things he says.

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well i liked this guy for 2 years on and off, one of my best friends

through out that time i dated around, never really getting close to anyone

so many guys tried to take my shirt off when things got a little hot and heavy

never let them, for fear that theyd scream at the sit eof my body acne (which has gotten much better, but is still persistant)

my friend and i started dating/hooking up this summer

lo and behold- guess who took her shirt off?

and yes, I took MY shirt off

he didnt push me to do it or anything

i did it completely out of the blue one night

maybe its because hed already seen my in a bathing suit or maybe its because of something else

but the comfort was there

too bad i got all self conscious about a week later, and things went downhill from there

now were broken up and i dont know what to do

it seems like even if we put all the peices back together, i'd still be hurting

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My friend McKenna. She's got porcelin clear skin, of course, but when I DO get a breakout, she really encourages me to come here and share about it. She reminds me of the value of sharing my experience, no matter how crappy I might feel about it, because it could help someone else.

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yeah, he's amazing.

everything is better when i'm around him. and that is so cheesy, but i really mean it.

i think we're soul mates .. in the friend way. lol.

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My boyfriend. I know that sounds so cliche, but he is truly the most beautiful person I've ever known in my life and the best friend I have ever had. I've been close to a good amount of people in my life and I have appreciated them all, but he definitely stands out from all the rest.

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My ex-girlfriend... we broke up because she moved kinda far away to college (and I was only a sophomore in high school so I wasnt really ready for a long-term deal). Anyway, it's now 7 years since I met her (wow that's weird) and we are still best friends and I can talk to her about anything, acne included.

She's always extremely supportive and wont let me be depressed even when I'm feeling my worse. She's pretty cool haha. A lot of people think we're going to get married. There's a picture of us in my gallery.

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