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Nicotinamide or BP?

Hi all,

Basically, im a little curious. Ive been using a 5% BP cream (Quinoderm) for a few months, cleansing with just water and then moisturizing. It works ok and im relatively clear but i still get dry skin despite avoiding cleansers and only applying a thin layer of the cream. Ive searched far and wide for a decent 2.5% in england, but could only find Oxy- which was uber-crap.

More to the point, Freederm boasts an anti-inflammatory 'Nicotinamide' and various sites say its just as effective as bp without all the drying nonsense. Just wondering, before i raid an online chemist of its quinoderm supply if anyone has used/is using freederm and has any views on its effectiveness?

thatd be sweet, cheers.


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I would def say to try the Nicotinamide gel. I find it brilliant. Dont buynicotinamide gel under the Freederm name tho buy nicam gel. Its made by the same manufacturer, but its cheaper and comes in a bigger packet (60g vs 25g). You can buy nicam gel behind the pharmacy counter in boots if u live in uk/ireland. They sell it online too. However i find freederm lotion good though- you cant buy nicam gel in a clenser , but the freederm cleanser is brilliant.

i found what works best, thought is a two stage process it has cleared me totally.


wahsing with freederm lotion - it is not drying at all - try it not drying and harsh like clean and clear . You just rub it on gently and then wash off


This is followed by the nicam gel. i find what works best is rubbing a good amount of nicam gel all over entire face - not just parts affected by acne. Do this morning and night.

When i first used nicam i thought it was a little bit drying BUT DO NOT WORRY. this goes away. IT is not like BP which can be so drying for so long. This lasted for a max of 10 days for me. Then the skin adjusted and was not dry at all. I used to use BP when i was younger , that panoxyl one and my face was ALWAYS dry when using it.

After 10 days my face was not dry at all when using it. I dont use any moisturiser now. I really find it regulates my skin. You might be surpised and you might not need a moisturiser when you use this.

I find very effectively personally using this process i am clear bar about 2 small spots each month. I think the two products work the best. You ll find it works out a good bit more expensive for the two products than just the one quioderm.

But i find nicotinamide has much more benifits than bp to be honest so it is worth this extra cost. It doesnt dry my skin out and it doenst bleach anything. There is no redness with nicam - it takes away redness unlike bp which made my skin red and patchy alongside being dry.

Good luck with it. It might work for everyone but it worked well for me. I noticed on other forums that it seemed to work well for people with adult acne - im 23.

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thats terrific, thanks alot. Il certainly give Nicam a bash. Im 22, so in exactly the same boat as you re: adult acne. You mentioned you could buy it online? The boots website and a few others insist on a valid prescription - are there any you know of that dont?

mucho gracias

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Im not to sure sorry as i have been just buying in in the shop myself recently. In Ireland tho, you def dont need a perscription to buy it :angel: - they just store it behind the pharmacy counter, so i usually go up there to get it in Boots. I found they didnt have it in some other chemists but ive seen it in all the boots over here.

Id say maybe try the freederm lotion as a cleanser too instead of water, cos the nicam gel is not as strong as quinoderm - but if you use the two of them keeps ya clear!

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