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Does your week revolve around acne?

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Do you find that you plan your week around how good/bad your acne will be?

By now I've come to know what days my acne is usually its worst (usually a Monday after a weekend of clubbing) and I find that on a Thursday its at its best.

Trivial as it may be, acne seriously controls my life, like I find that I will only arrange things for days when I know my acne will not be too bad, whereas I put things off if they are on days I know my acne will be bad.

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I don't necessarily revolve my week around it but it does impact it a lot.. If my skin is looking like shit I lose a lot of motivation and confidence to go out. I've really been hoping to clear my skin up a little before college starts again but with my luck that's probably not gonna happen. I guess I can never really predict how my skin will look so I can't plan things around it but I'm sure I would if I could. My acne is very unpredictable. Some weeks I won't see any new breakouts and I can just work on getting some of my marks to fade and I'm much happier and other weeks I'll get a new pimples that just leave new marks and really bring me down. I'm pretty much the only one I know my age with so much marking/uneven skin and it makes it much harder to deal with.

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No, I do things whenever, whether my acne is shite or not. The more you do it, the more confidence you get.

Staying inside doesn't help. Sometimes I'll go outside, forgetting to look in a mirror. I will interact with people and won't notice anything out of the ordinary in them. I get home and my face has mini Pompeis all over it, but then I look back and realized no one cared.

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Yes... but mine isnt better on one day of the week compared to another... its just some weeks bad and some weeks better... so during the bad weeks i just lock my self in my house... ive missed uni all this week because of a bad breakout and will not be going out this weekend... it sucks it really does but im just so ashamed... I hate to plan things in advance due to the fact i dont know what my skin will be like... if it turns out to be bad i just end up making up excuses and cancelling... :(

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All this acne was very sudden so as a result, I'm VERY traumatized.

It's been almost month since I've had a night on the town. I won't go out unless it's to go to work. Just recently a friend coaxed me out of he house to have dinner with her and the whole time, I felt very uncomfortable even though the restaurant was dim inside...

What a crying shame! :boohoo:

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It really depends, if my friends were to ask me out i would usually go regardless of how bad it is at that time cause i don't go out too often since school takes up most of my time. But if its really bad then i may end up staying home.

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