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Bactrim DS Questions

Hi guys,

My last two periods I've had bad breakouts with normal zits, whiteheads, and then about 7 or 8 new little cysts. My cysts aren't the large noticeable ones, but the kind where you feel nodules when you press into your skin. They're not large, and they're usually only red and raised for a few days...but they last for at least a month each! Do these tend to leave shallow scars?

Anyways, in between periods I almost never get cysts, but my skin still has normal zits here and there. I'm worried that I need to find a treatment soon because the more periods I have, the more cysts I have (which last tooo long for me), and the more shallow scars I might end up with.

I started Bactrim on July 9, 2008 after my first horrible period. At the beginning of August I had another, which created more cysts than ever. I figured the Bactrim wasn't working, but I'm probably just impatient (it's supposed to take 2 months but many people saw improvement in 2 weeks). However, since on Bactrim I've noticed that after my period my skin looks great. There are those invisible cysts that won't go away, but I have 0 regular pimples and my skin looks even for the first time! However, I don't remember ever having bad acne in between periods. Do you think this is the Bactrim starting to work, or just how my cycle is? If it is truly is working for me mid-cycle, will it ever be able to prevent my horrible PMS breakouts?

I was thinking of trying Aleve the days before my period like some people suggested just so I can prevent more long-lasting cysts from popping out while I try to find a better cure. Thanks!

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