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Johnny b

Damn that greasy head!

Hi Guys and Gals

I am posting from the uk. I am 34 years of age and have suffered with Acne since I was 14.

It is very very mild now and I get the occasional spot which I can live with BUT what is driving me crazy is my extremely greasy forehead! It is particularly bad on my left temple for some reason and it looks like I am sweating. No matter how clean I keep it within half an hour I am back to square one. It gets red at times and tiny little whiteheads form. The heads are hardly visible being like a pin prick but the redness around them is.

I am receeding too and I have read links on this to do with hairloss and hormones. I have had Accutane in the past about ten years ago which dried my skin up majorly at the time but now its back to how it was (without the spots most of the time)

I notice people look at my forehead and quite a few think I am sweating. I am at a loss what to do, I am sure I wouldnt be prescribed more accutane as its a grease problem as opposed to a spot one.

I am thinking of trying chinese medicine as I believe this can help with hormone imbalances etc...I am wondering if it is Seborreic Dermatitis. I do not use Hair Gels and wash my hair regularly.

Anyone any advice please???

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ur forehead could be greasy from ur hair, is ur hair long or short?

It is very short...as I am receding I do not have a fringe! Perhaps if I shave it off totally it could help the problem. Iam sure there is a link with male baldness...a lot of bald men have shiny heads!

I do wash it evry day....I am going to try the chinese herbs at the weekend.....I DO believe in a lot of the theories they have about skin and conditions in general. Nothing to lose

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