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About to finish my 3rd month and everything has gone great so far until I began to get this weird dryness between my thighs. If you're a guy then you know what I am talking about. You know how when the weather gets hot and you begin to sweat and you feel both of your nut sack is clinging to your thighs!?!? Yeah, thats what I got and I thought noting of it until it started getting very dry as the day progresses. Just a couple of hours ago after watching the democratic convention I stood up from the sofa really fast to cheer for Hilary just to find out that my nut sack was hurting. Right then and there I knew that the skin between my thighs had ripped. So I ran into my room took out a mirror and laid on my bed to see how bad was the rip. Found out that both thighs between both nut sack has the rip which was slightly bleeding. After ward took a shower, place some neosporin and ice it. To put this in a nutshell.... my sack hurts and I probably won't have any action down there for awhile.

Please comment if you experience this ever before because this seems very weird to me to have dryness down there. Thinking about pulling my pants down in my next derm meeting just to show her.

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Got the same thing in between my thighs as well. I shave pretty thoroughly down there and shaved my thighs as well. This actually got rid of my problem. Shave it and then put some neosporin on for a few nights....mine eventually went away.

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