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Just got done watching a movie...so I was thinking about famous people. I'm not so much impressed with how their skin looks in movies b/c I know a lot of it is hours of makeup and lighting. But I was wondering, they have a ton of money, they can buy whatever they want in terms of skin care. What do you think their regimens consist of? Most actresses are older so they dont really have to worry about acne persay but I wonder what they use to wash their faces and such. Just thinking about Angelina Jolie or someone in their bathrooms getting ready for bed, what products would you probably find?

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First of all, older (excuse me but I DO NOT like the world OLD) people DO get acne. I am one of them at the age of 42. I do not have it severely, but yes I have it.

I cannot truly answer your questions about what they use, but I would expect the absolute best available.

BUT, I was on another message board just yesterday and a female (I assume) said that she was an extra in a movie and was amongst more famous people and she said alot of them were being prepped with MAC Blot.

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my sister told me she saw this female celebrity [i forget her name. the blonde ones all look the same to me] walking out of her car to a movie set and was caked on with makeup and you could see her acne.

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