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Head and SHoulders

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yea i use it on my back, works good. keeps acne under control and calm...

best thing is tanning bed though, pulls all the clogged pores out, and covers up any scars.

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i hear it is good for body acne is it? i shuld i apply it

I've heard its good also. I believe it's H&S shampoo I think? I can't remember. I believe it's a certain ingrident in it that helps out your body acne. Do some more research on which exact one it is. I bought some H&S last year to try it out and it ended up being the conditioner or something... :doh: wrong one.

It does seem like swimming outdoors and hitting the tanning bed hella makes my body acne improve. Wait, I dont go to tanning beds... :shifty:

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I started using H&S (the for men variety with Zinc Pyrithione) about a week ago. Saw no improvements and now one week on my back has broken out much worse than it is usually. Three to four active nodules/cysts (the big lumpy ones with no visible head).

Therefore can I determine with near certainty that i've got Bacne opposed to Pityrosporum Folliculitis? As the H&S targets the yeast, leaving Acne more space to thrive on the skin instead, correct?

Also, I only get body acne where I am totally un-tanned. Where my skin is a very slightly tanned (Don't get me wrong, i'm pale as anything! Just where my skin has slight colour changes) I have zero. I'm guessing this is just in co-incidence with the body t-zone?

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I use this shampoo on my hair

i might give it a try but i feel like a bit of a prick washing my face with shampoo :confused:

You should give it a try, just don't leave it on unless you fancy a chemical peel! Talking of those, I left lemon juice on my face once and it peeled, after a week my skin was still not clear but a little more even and very soft. I can't really recommend this though, as it might be damaging to sensitive skin, and of course you peel for about a week which isn't very good for going out in public!

I found that head and shoulders for first 2 days left my skin not greasy for a long period of the day. It was short lived however, and after a while it just made my skin more greasy - it'd dry it out but then after about 1hr i was almost spurting oil! You could see it coming out of each individual pore basically.

My skin is least greasy when I simply wash with water and drink lots throughout the day :). I've washed with just water for about a year now, it doesn't clear me up, and my back and chestne are still pretty bad; but my face remains pretty clear. Acne hasn't really bothered me for the past year. I've had it since I was 11 and i'm now 19, in early teens I tried getting rid of it with all sorts but I found just forgetting about it is the best cure :D.

Of course I can sympathise that those with it more severe can't do that, as it's not possible to just ignore it. I must say back and chestne does give me inhibitions when dealing with the opposite sex :(. But for regular life i'm living with it fine :D.

Going to order some Dead Sea Salt and try that. Who knows what'll happen - I haven't actively tried to get rid of it for aaaaages! If the Sea Salt doesn't work I think i'll order some BP and AHA and give that whirl.

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I've been doing the Dead Sea Salt thing the last couple days. Looks like it may be helping a lil. I really need to hit the tanning beds tho!

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