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iam so lost its crazy,i read all these different posts on different products,lotions and potions to use and stock my cuboards up with the next crazy process iam going to do to my face.i just dont know where to turn any more i think ive totally lost the plot,i feel sorry for my wife and kids who have to put up with me!!ive got the point of iam phoning in sick at work then iam not leaving the house because i cant bear to be looked at any longer,i get tons of support from certain people,but then i also get the pI** taken out of me by others.you named it and ive tried it non and i mean NO products have or are working for me ive had this disability for over a decade!!its beyond a joke,help please!!iam not looking for the instant answer iam willing to put in the hard work but i cant get anything to work in my case.iam sick of the constant mirror checks the amount of money ive spent on STUFF is made i could have bought a house!!

could you let me know if iam the only one out there like this??

cheers people

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Have you been to a derm? or a family doctor and asked them what they think?

Stuff in stores has never worked for me, I had to get a perscription before I ever got rid of any acne on my face.

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this is one of my problems ive tried all the antibiotics oral and topical, and seen god knows how many dermatologists, mind you they are really crappy over here, my doc has given me a higher dose of tetracycline even though i have been on it before, and ive been using retin a, its just really messing my head up know, i know its a problem we all share and ive lost track of the amount of people who say "well it could be worse" id like to see them with a face full of shit going to parent evenings with there head held high, i really do not know what to do next .

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Perhaps talk to a dermatologist about Accutane?

Have you tried that? I've heard quite a lot of success stories .. though you must be mentally prepared for it.

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accutane i think is my last hope its just my doc is so reluctant to start because of the side affects but that is something i am willing to put up with i think, have you tried it?

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I think you should speak seriously to your dermatologist about going on Accutane, explain the devastating effect your skin has on you emotionally and say that it is even putting a strain on your work/family life. Given these reasons and the persistance of your acne I don't see why they wouldn't perscribe it for you.

Best of luck. x

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