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Please please please help me!!!

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I started "The Acne Cure" last night, SA, followed by GA, then ice Bp...and OH NO...this morning it looks like I have a sunburn!! My face is bright RED!! My husband is coming home from Iraq tomorow and I don't want my face to look like this!! Please help....is there anything I an put on it to sooth it and calm it down?? I don't know what made me start something new now, my face had actually been doing OK. I could kick myself in the [email protected]#$#@....

Please please help sad.gif

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Sounds like you gave yourself a mild chemical burn. Lay off all the topicals and go crazy with the moisturiser, perhaps something gentle like cetaphil.

The moisturisers without SPF preferably because the ones with tend to irritate the skin a bit I think, especially if you've already burnt yourself.

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All I have is Eucerin Renewal (which has SPF and SA in it) and Cetaphil with SPF. This morning I will have to use the Cetaphil with SPF because I have to go to work. At least my foundation might even things out, but as soon as I get home I will wash everything off and slather on moisturizer. I am going to buy something else. Can you recommend a good one that I can go get? Someone else told me to use Aloe Vera, but can't that be irritating to the skin? I have heard of that burning people too??

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I've never tried alovera personally so I can't comment but it seems to be the hot ticket, especially if you take it straight from the plant.

Hate to break it to you but the red will take several days to fade so you may be better off with the makeup if you want quick results.

I would stay away with anything that has an acid in it as the main ingredients.

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That was par for the course when I started Dan's regimen, but it didn't last too long. I used a gentle makeup base from reflect.com to sooth my skin and cover up the red. It's worth the redness & itching to get clear, so hang in there!

Not sure what the SA, GA and Ice BP are.... have I missed something, or is this some other acne "cure" I have thankfully been able to not worry about??

And congrats on your hubby coming home!!!

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I went through a similar reaction and used aloe vera gel and glycerin with rosewater. The redness went away quick almost by the next day. Sounds like that treatment has a lot of chemicals.

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