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Pics of my face what can i do?how severe is it?

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I hate my skin i do not know what to do anymore

i eat fairly healthy i've tried healthy approaches

and chemical approaches on my skin.

i've tried proactiv, which made my skin the shit it is

today, and i even tried just using water.

HELP me!

does anyone have the same skin as me?

what can i do about it?

how can i heal my scarring?

is my acne cystic?

i want my baby soft skin again!!:(

my skin type is combination, and light

please reply

my skin

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first off please take a deep breath, your skin will improve I promise! I would recocomend seeing a dermatologist, perhaps accutane would be good for you. Just know that your skin will clear up, and there is help out there. Try to make an appotment with a local dermatologist, and from there you will get the ball rolling. Good Luck : )

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Yeah, dermatology clinic would advise you. I don't think they would allow you to jump straight into Roaccutane without trying other oral medication first. You can try. But they told me that they see Roaccutane as a last resort medication. I am on this now because i have tried topicals and other oral medication which have not worked to stop my acne. good luck

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oh my gosh!

i have acne JUST like you!

and it was because of proactiv too.

well i read online that if you stop using proactiv

you will break out even MORE than before you started using it.

so im using some new face wash....

it's somewhat working.

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your skin really isnt that bad at all.proactiv is a joke it only works for very mild acne.a dermatologist can help you alot i would go see one if i were you it took me years to see one i felt so bad about my acne.

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*Agrees with Knee, bit of a stunner!* Get your GP to reffer you to the Dermatologist, chances are the first stop will be (Ro)Accutane, things might not improve right away and might get a little worse for a week or two, but i'll bet anything you'll see an improvment within 6 weeks!

Good Luck


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yes ur acne isnt that bad at all, i dont see it leaving scars. Most people on here get the deep shit that leaves marks for months ur kind fades fairly fast. Listen u are definatley still very attractive coming from a guy listen u can buy stuff right online for fairly cheap that i think would help u. differin topical and antibiotic. just do a google search and u can get it without a prescription like i did. thats most likeley what the derm will do anyways i got stuff for 125 dollars and i didnt have to wait long for the appointment. good luck

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Your acne isn't cystic. The pimples appear to be pretty shallow, so I wouldn't worry about scarring.

I would try a topical, prolly the acne.org regimen. Go with a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide solution 2x a day. That's what I'm on and it works for cystic acne. Dan got his sh*t right!

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try dans regimen. acne just sucks. it sucks. mostly clear my whole life and all of a sudden its a non stop hell out of th eblue i dont understand it. you really are beautiful. sucks that this is a part of our life. its not fair at all.....

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You have acne just like me!! I swear thats what my face looks like right now and I feel your pain. I want to find the answer!

I noticed you put tree tree oil is love, and since u have the same skin as me i was

wondering if it works very good at all?

also thank you so much to all of you who have given me a

complement it honestly helped me so much, especially when i

look at myself in the mirror and want to scream.


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So I have been using the Panoxyl products the bar, and the 5% cream

but now it seems like i have more blackheads on my face and my face seems really red

any suggestions?

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yo ur Skin is nothing!

That is not even Some thing To Worry About Trust me.....That Can easily Be Cleared Up in 1-2 months

lol Now if you have acne like mine......Ohh boy.......Ud kill your self Take a look at my gallery When you get a chance u'll probley feel better about yourself HAHA

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Hey keep your head up your acne is not bad. I would suggest you use bezoly peroxide cream that would definetly do the job on your skin. It will take about 1 month to a month and a half to get it clear. Go see your dermatologist so he can prescribe you the benzoly and also some pills

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So I have been using the Panoxyl products the bar, and the 5% cream

but now it seems like i have more blackheads on my face and my face seems really red

any suggestions?

1. It will dry your face up. Use a non-oil based moisturizer against this.

2. It will cause some dark spots (as you've noticed). Use a sunscreen (SPF +20) to prevent it worsening.

3. It will redden your face (again, you've noticed).

4. It requires at least 4 weeks before you see results. Be patient. there's no acne cure. One just needs to try as many products (properly) before finding 'the one.'

Your acne isn't cystic and it certainly isn't severe so calm down a bit.

My other recommendations:

1. Continue drinking lots of water...no matter how bad or worse...water will keep your skin plump & hydrated and thus increase the efficacy of any topical medication you use...plus it's just healthy :)

2. Combination therapy...don't just stick to face creams...double up with a monocycline like doxy..it always helps.

All the best...you can beat it. :box:

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I just read your post. I am 32 y.o and have been battling acne since I was about 10 y.o. I have been to numerous dermatologists, tried dozens of OTC products with no success, but seemed to get my skin cleared, by using the following products.

1) Retin A/Retin A Micro - This is a very good product. The downside to this was that my derm instructed me to only wash my face one-a-day, at night. I lost a little pigmentation due to the sensitivity of the sun. I would ask your Derm for a prescription and use it at night only. Maybe also use something else during the day like Mandelic acid.

2) Accutane - I loved Accutance. I finished the first cycle in 2004 and this has to be the best product that worked for my very active acne. The downside to this is that it didn't help much with my acne scars. Since then, I break out a little here and there, but mostly hormonal acne, which I hate.

3) Mandelic Acid - I am currently using a product by Nucelle which is wonderful. I was suggested this product by my friend in June 2008, but was not convinced that I should try (skepticism of course). But when she forwarded me this link, I was :shock: I ordered it the same day.

I ordered the Nucelle Serum 10% product from skincarerx.com and have been using it for the past three months. Follow the instructions very carefully. It has stopped my active acne, and has been good at fading my acne scars. I am currently incorporating the 15% formula which is very potent so it is suggested that you start with the 10% to get your skin prepared for the higher concentration. I only use the 15% at night, because it can be so drying. I have been doing this for a month and it has worked wonders on my acne scars.

My daily regimen is as follows:


Wash with Cetaphil Cleanser

Tone using Nucelle Toner, wait 5 minutes

Apply 10% Nucelle Mandelic Serum, wait 30 minutes (so that mandelic acid can be absorbed into your skin)

Moisturize using Hope in a Jar, SPF 20 by Philosophy


Same as above except I do not moisturize

Apply 15% Nucelle Mandelic Serum every 2 - 3 nights (If this becomes to drying for me, then 2 pumps of the 10% + one pump of 15% every 2 - 3 nights). I am trying to work my way into using the 15% 2 - 3x a week at night only.

Also, it is best to start exfoliating once per week. Currently I am using The Microdelivery Peel by Philosophy. It cost $65, which is expensive, but I do use less than what the directions state, but making sure to do my entire face. I still have plenty left after three months.

Another user of Nucelle

Benefits of Mandelic Acid

Let me know how everything works for you :)

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