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Mangosteen Juice?

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Appeariantly it prehibits bacterial growth so it sounds reasonable to try, though it is not widely available. It's known for hundreds of other things too appeariantly, manly more serious health disorders. I've heard reports that it's near cured one persons MS and some colon problem of another perosn. Both people told first hand accounts of this to my parents, and due to my mom having MS we ordered a bunch of it.

There is one study that suggests it helps with acne, but I'm relluctuant to try it, as a fair amount needs to be consumed (2-6 ounces daily) And although most others enjoy the taste, the smell alone makes my gag reflex twitch, and I drank ACV with almost no problem (And no results.. :rolleyes: )

Anyone hear ever heard of this before? I don't want to be the one who has to tell everyone if it works or not, nor do I want to try it.

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hmmm they grow mangosteen's here in hawaii. there a pretty good fruit and really hard to grow. I see the juice around in health food stores, id say you try it i bet its really good for you.

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There are other anti-microbial foods you can take that are probably cheaper than mangosteen juice. Wasn't cranberry juice approved for urinary tract infections?

If you really want anti-microbial effects from your food, then imo it should be more than just sipping a cup of juice and calling it quits for the day. But by all means, try it.

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