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Originally by XGamerX, edited by ShagnScoob

Hey Guys, I don’t really want to go into details, because without reading the "why", you guys will blow off my advice as another quick fix. This is not the case. This "acne prescription" requires you to completely make over your life. Of course, you see far more results than just a clear face. After making these changes, I feel better overall. I no longer get headaches that I used to get frequently, I have more energy (by a lot), and I just feel "healthy". I can’t explain it, but I feel so much better. Of course, my face is now completely clear of active acne. I say active because some light red marks (that used to be scars and dark red marks) are still around. They are almost completely gone though, and my face will actually be completely clear in a week or two, bringing the total to about 2 months before I not only have no acne, but I feel 10x better overall.

Anyways, there are three tiers like I said: Diet, Supplements, and Topicals. Dr. Perricone, in his book ( http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...books&n=507846) , describes how to use the three in conjunction to basically keep yourself from showing visible signs of aging, keeping your skin looking amazing, avoiding nearly 95% of all skin conditions (including acne). The key is "inflammation".

Everyone knows that there are a million reasons that people get acne: Diet, environment, genetics, stress, hormones, etc. It is nearly impossible to fix every aspect of your life. That would be absurd. You can’t "fix" your genetics or your raging hormones. However, Perricone reveals something that literally changed how I looked at the acne problem. Don't try to fix each cause individually, but instead fix the problem that lays beneath all of those causes as the root cause of all skin conditions....inflammation. Inflammation is why acne exists. He explains how even supposed "non inflammatory acne" is called so falsely. He has done lots of research and found that ALL acne starts as inflammation and ends up with the pimple everyone sees.

Basically, if you can eliminate the inflammation, then acne is no longer even a problem. It doesn’t matter if you have genetics for acne, you have stress, and your hormones are changing....because if your face is protected against inflammation, the acne cannot even begin to form. All acne starts with inflammation, therefore eliminate the inflammation and you can stop worrying about acne. Inflammation is also the root cause of aging, cancer, and nearly all skin disorders. Thus, fixing the inflammation on your face also provides a million other benefits.

Fixing inflammation involves all three of the tiers. You must avoid foods that cause an insulin response (this leads to an inflammatory response). If you can avoid specific foods that cause an inflammatory response, you effectively help avoid inflammation. The bottom line is certain foods cause inflammatory responses and this triggers inflammation on your face and thus acne forms.

The diet changes are based around avoiding foods that affect your blood sugar levels. Foods that cause too much change in your blood sugar suddenly cause an insulin response and this triggers an inflammatory response. So, since the goal is to eliminate inflammation, avoiding things that affect your blood sugar is the way to go. You can check what does and does not affect your blood sugar too much on the glycemic index ( http://www.glycemicindex.com ).

Anything you eat that has a GI above a 50 is just asking for trouble, so eat it only in small portions and don’t make it a staple of your diet. However, OBVIOUSLY some bread isn’t going to hurt you. You can have high GI foods, but not too much and don’t let it become your main diet. The less high GI you eat, the better for you and your skin.

The sad thing is that Breads (white enriched) are one of THE worst things you can eat when it comes to acne. Make sure to do your best to avoid breads (white enriched especially), avoid dairy (cheese, milk, its all crap), and avoid things made with high amounts of sugar. Nuts, Low fat meat, Barley, Vegetables, Fruits, etc should be the mainstay of your diet. If your diet consists of lots of bread, the fact is the blood sugar levels will fluctuate A LOT. And this counteracts progress. So I don’t know how it’ll work out. I don’t eat any bread or rice or pasta, but that’s just me since I didn’t even like it in the first place.

For Milk, try Almond Milk (it’s delicious and good for your skin)

For Dressing, try lemon juice or a vinegar

For Rice, try barley

For Bread, try whole wheat breads.

Try Flax Seed sprinkled on foods; it has a delicious nutty flavor.

Eat all Greens. The more Green, the better it is. All vivid colored fruits and vegetables are very anti-inflammatory.

This is a key part to my success for sure.

BTW, Vinegar has the unique ability of LOWERING THE GLYCEMIC INDEX OF FOOD. So if you eat Vinegar with your meal in some way, the meal with always cause less inflammatory reactions.

Remember that eating healthy and eating in a way that is anti-inflammatory are different things. Bread might be "healthy" but it is very inflammatory. Eating meat might be unhealthy but it is not inflammatory.

Supplements are another layer of protection from inflammation. In his book, Perricone lists all the vitamins and supplements that stop inflammation. Some of these are more important than others, but all of these are crucial to eliminating inflammation and thus acne altogether.

Here’s a complete list of EVERY supplement known to prevent an inflammatory response in your body :

Alpha Lipoic Acid: 50 to 100 mg

DMAE: 50 to 100 mg

Acetyl L-Carnetine - 500-1000 mg

Coenzyme Q-10: 30 to 300 mg

Glutamine: 1500 mg

Gamma Linolenic Acid: 500 mg

Turmeric: 250 to 1000 mg

Vitamin A: 5000-10000 IU

Vitamin B Complex:

B1: 10 to 50 mg

B2: 10 to 100 mg

B3: 20 to 100 mg

B5: 10 to 250 mg

B6: 50 to 100 mg

B12: 5 to 100 mcg

Folic Acid: 400 to 800 mcg

Biotin: 300 mg

Vitamin C: 1000 mg and 500 mg ascorbyl palmitate

Vitamin E: 400 to 800 IU

Calcium: 1200 mg

Chromium: 200 mg

Magnesium: 600 - 1200 mg

Selenium: 200 mcg

Zinc: 15 to 30 mg

Grape Extract: 30 to 100 mg

Fish Oil (100-200 EPA, 100-200 DHA)

I found almost all these in a single multivitamin and it has been an important part of my ultimate goal of a healthy body and a clear face. (http://www.lef.org/newshop/items/item00634.html?source=Fusion&key=Link ) (http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/browse/sku_detail.jhtml?SkuID=121835&BrandName=Vitamin+Shoppe&SkuName=Life+Essential+Multi&BreadCrumbType=Search ).

The third layer is Topicals. These are also crucial. Perricone stresses avoiding most harsh and abrasive chemicals such as Benzoyl Peroxide or Salycilic Acid. He says that in the long run, while they do help the problem, they will never provide a real solution. These 2 products actually cause an inflammatory response to some degree and thus work against the cause.

He recommends two substances that I found to be amazing and these are definitely the key to success. The three that he actually HIGHLY recommends are: Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE, and Glutiathione. These three products do miracles topically and I speak from personal experience. I wont go into any further detail here, but suffice to say that while many people are quoted saying "Everyone is different, one cure doesn’t work for others", this is not entirely true. EVERYONES acne is the result of inflammation. If someone eliminates inflammation, then they do not get acne....period. All the other "causes" simply lead to an inflammatory response. Stress, Hormones, Genetics...it all leads to inflammation which leads to acne.

You are going to want two topicals: 1) A toner containing DMAE and Alpha Lipoic Acid (and possibly AHA). 2) A cream containing DMAE and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Those 2 is all you need. A good cleanser is also recommended. I use a cleanser, a toner, and a cream as he mentions specifically in his book. In case I haven’t been clear here, ALPHA LIPOIC ACID and DMAE are miracle workers. I also recommend shea butter, but the shea butter isn’t important so disregard it for now. If you get the 2 things I mentioned above (toner, cream) and a cleanser...that’s it.

The Toner is applied once-twice a day. It’s a toner, so its leave on. I use it once a day (within three days I literally cannot explain my great results. My red marks, my scars and my active acne were really improved. It was those 3 first days of the program that made me KNOW it was the answer.)

The cream (DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C-Ester), is applied once a day at bedtime. This also in conjunction with the program has made me wonder how I survived without it. My pores were gone, my red marks faded, my inflammation almost totally gone within a week or two. I had HUGE pores. They are now gone, I barely see pores on my face at all anymore. It is literally amazing. (I know this sounds too good to be true, that’s why it’s so great that it is true).

1) Toner: http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtm...ldPaginate=true

2) Cream: http://www.puritan.com/pages/file.asp?xs=0...73B6B0&PID=4420

My regimen:

Morning: I wash my face with water. Then I use Cetaphil cleanser. Then I wash again with water.

Afternoon: I wash my face with water, (very lightly), then I use the toner.

Night: I apply the cream.

That’s how it works. That’s it, and it works perfectly. DO NOT ADD shit into the regimen.


I shave every Sunday, and this is how I do it:

I take a hot shower and let the water run down my face. This loosens the hair and makes it cut easier. Then I wash my face with cold water. Then I apply a shaving cream. Using quick, firm strokes I shave WITH the grain. That is how you should shave to avoid inflammation. Then, simply apply the toner right after. The toner helps to avoid inflammation alot. I rarely get any breakouts from shaving if I use the toner directly after. Then at night, I use the cream.

Personal Notes:

After 4 days of doing the whole enchilada. I was on all three tiers from day one. On day 4 or 5, I felt better and my face looked WAY better. My active acne was drying up, and no new acne formed at all. Even my red marks were looking different (not better yet, but they looked different). Then of course, as the active acne cleared up and no new breakouts came, I looked great. Remember that this 3 tiered system prevents inflammation which leads to acne. It also promotes skin healing. It doesn’t kill acne bacteria at all and so, so the already active acne still has to fade over a course of a week or so. The beauty is that as it fades, NO MORE acne forms to take its place. I have never tried just doing one step or another, I have continued to do all 3 steps and it hasn’t let me down so far. AH I love being acne free.

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I use the toner either once or twice a day. ONce in the morning after my shower, and once at night usually. Sometimes if im lazy, i wont use it at night.

Also, I think it is a good idea to use the cream twice a day starting out. Maybe for the first 2-3 weeks or so. Like, use it in the morning and at night. In the morning i wouldnt put a whole bunch on, just enough to do the job. And at night i would put quite a bit more on.


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I got my DMAE, ALA, and Fish Oil pills in the mail today. I've been on Perricone's diet for 8 days so far. I haven't seen any difference in my skin yet, but i'll keep you posted.

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I think you should edit this title, the book is entitled "The Acne Prescription" not "The Acne Cure" These are 2 separate books, people will be confused as to what you are talking about.

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Just wanted to assure everyone that me and roughly 5 other people I know in real life are now on this Perricone diet and all 6 of us are above 95% clear. I am around 99% clear. It seems the ones who are less clear are just lazier and dont really follow all 3 tiers.

Also, I have to change what I said, I think this regimen may take up to 3 months to work you to 99% clear. I got there WAY earlier (like a couple weeks). However, many other people say that it takes up to 3 months for them to get super clear. I suspect its because their face took about 1 and a half months to normalize (from previous treatment bombardment). and then after the face stabalized, then from there everything goes good.

it is of utmost importance that you don't use BP or SA in large amounts (or at all). ONLY use a mild cleanser, a ALA/DMAE toner, and a ALA/DMAE cream. Nothing else is needed, just wanted to make sure thats clear.

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hey x gamer....also is it ok for me to use the cream and toner with avita(retinoid)... avita so far(4 days) clears up my days pretty well until i put the BP on which made it so red.......if its ok to put avita when can i put the avita on since i use the cream at night..

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i am 17 and am a big eater and i dont make my own meals or anythin................ i rlly need like a whole new meal plan. would 100% wheat bread be ook? thats all i need to know, becuz then i can make sandwiches yayyyyyyyy n i def need to eat sandwiches in the morn. grilled cheese wit salmon, yummy? biggrin.gif/

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Dr. P's book mentions some retinoids are pro-inflammatory and some are anti-inflammatory. unfortunately, he did not specify any brands, legal issues i assume. you could try it with both for a while. do not use BP. your skin will be overloaded with topicals.

i'm using retin-a micro 0.04% sometimes at night on forehead, red spots, and existing pimples along with the cream and supplements. hopefully the cream will kick in soon and i can quit retin-a altogehter. [-o<

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Wheat free, Gluten-free bread is OK. Whole wheat bread has a high Gi and isnt reccoemended. For all the people asking about all these other topicals....all I can say is I personally have used NO topicals besides the ones I posted and my skin 99% clear. Scrubs of ANY KIND are PROINFLAMMATORY. You don't need it. Retinoids as malia said may be ok, you can use them if you dont notice them causing inflammation.

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I hope its ok to use those alternative products that someone posted on here I just bought the vitamins and cream today and I have been on the diet for almost 1 and half weeks. But just today I bought the essentials vitamins/cream I still need to buy the toner from that one sight #-o . Is the reviva Lipoic Acid/DMAE/ester c cream ok to use?

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Im only going to post this once more as the other was ignored but I think this is a great alternative at 45 bucks for all the topicals I dont know tell me what you all think?


They state their concentration and ingredient compare to perricones line. Only con I find is the cream part is a serum and the toner only contains DMAE no ALA? sad.gif

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That doesnt look half bad, but the amount isnt as much. For example, comparing the dmae serum to the dmae cream that we got, the price to oz. ratio would be $13:1(oz.) compared to $33:6 (oz.)

Therefore, you would have to buy 6 of those serum's to equal the 3 jars (or 6 oz.) of the cream we use. That is $78 compared to $33.

I hope that helps in your decision. If that is confusing (which it probably is, feel free to ask ?'s.)


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I already bought some stuff from vitamin shoppe. I didnt go w/ that site I bought the reviva dmae/ala cream. With some multivitamin the question was in the other thread(17 page one) if anyone minds answering me over there 8-[ . I have been VERY stringent with my diet and I obviously excersize everyday even before considering this regimen.

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Use cetaphil if your face can handle the SLS, some people just break out badly because of cetaphil, but other people ahve great success. either way, its one hell of a gentle cleanser

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for cleanser.. i use Noxema.. is it a gentle cleanser?.. or should i stop using it..

it kinda gives me this .. tingly feeling when i wash.. biggrin.gif so i like it.. but.. :-# if its bad sad.gif o well

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how long did it take for the DermAlive toner to come in on regular mail?

anyone have an opinion whether the serum or the cream is better?

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Dermalive took forever. I ordered everything else two to three days after the dermalive, and it was the last thing I got.

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