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Its working, but why isnt my skin drying out

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Hi, little about myself and my course. 20yr, Male 6ft3", 70kg and this is my second course of accutane/isotretonoin. My 1st course was in early 2006, from what I remember it went fast, dont remember alot I wasnt so self consious then I just got on with life as normal.I was very clear for 14months, some hyperpigmentation but they faded and blended in and just looked like light freckles.

At the moment this is what my course has been:

1st month 40mg

2nd and 3rd month 60mg

I started on the 30th August so its been 12weeks now and my next followup is in October to see where I go from there.

Definatly been lots of improvement, have about 3 active spots. The thing which bothers me though is that to me my skin tone looks pretty blotchy uneven and I have some redmarks but nothing much worse than that. At the start I was moisturizing a lot with a light moisturizer, I've done bio oil, vit E, emu oil, nothing harsh but when I leave it my face isnt even really drying out nor is it oily even afer swimming. It is dry in areas but its nothing really. The exception is my lips and corners of the mouth are very dry.

I take vit c, zinc and vit E, eat healthy and swim regulary.

Should I be complaining that my face isnt peeling like mad lol or should I leave my face alone and let nature and tane do their work and hope it gets better once off tane or moisturise or use anything on my face?


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Same with the nose, mouth and upper arms are dry and look like a cats scratched me but nothing painfull, face is healing quite slow which is annoying. HaroldEduardo81, do you have any marks left over hows it healing up?

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im still having marks, not as bad, but i can clearly see them in the mirror u know. Prolly from far away u dont see them that clearly, but close enough u notice them, specially the ones that are very red. They are taking quite some time to heal tho, every month that i go to the derm i get a facial from him so maybe that is helping tho. But i wish i can be mark free, i will have no pimples or nothing, it sucks cuz when u are winning the battle againts acne, the red marks mess u up!

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