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energy and body building supplements while on Accutane????

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Hi, i'm on my 4th month of my accutane treatment and i'm up to 60mg a day now. Before my accutane treatment i used to workout daily but have stopped since i started the tane. The question i have now is does anyone know is it ok to use energy and body building supplements such as creatine and weight gainers while on accutane?


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Why would you want to take creatine if you aren't working out? Unless ofcourse you are still playing some sort of physical sort, i would be carefull though you don't want to pick up any injuries because they won't heal properly.

I stopped training while on accutane and lost about 30 pounds of muscle... I had no appetite. But i am glad i did because i can now train as i used to and the muscle comes back easily thanks to muscle memory.

Be carefull while on tane you won't heal like you normally do and it can do long term damage.

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I'm taking Accutane and my doc never said anything about NOT exercising or lifting weights. I run anywhere from 5-7 miles a day, and do a weight training class 3 days a week. My joints are sore and I can't lift as much as I normally do, but that isn't stopping me from exercising! I have heard stories of people gaining weight while on Accutane, I am not about to do that, as if having acne isn't bad enough!! My doctor knows my exercise routine and was fine with all of it. He even said my supplements were fine. I think everything in moderation is ok. But thats just my opinion. Good luck to you!! :angel:

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