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My Accutane Log

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I've been looking at this site for a while and I decided I minds well contribute as well.

First off I'm going to be 15 in a few weeks. I'm a guy/male. I've had acne since I was about 12. It wasn't too bad to start off, but after about a year it got worse. At 13 it wasn't looking to great and around May I went to the dermatologist for the first time. I started with just some creams. I can't recall the name but it started with a D I think. Well right about when I turned 14 it started spreading to my back. Thats when it got really bad. By now, just wearing a backpack hurts. People slapping me on the back was terrible. Some times even the a t-shirt will hurt if it pulls in the right way. Basically touching my back hurts. My face isn't as bad as some peoples but its still pretty bad IMO.

So after about a year of trying the cream, tetracyline, and minocycline nothing worked. My dermatologist finally decided Accutance was a good choice.

I started on July 7th. I had to get my blood taken for the first time. The first time was terrible. I felt like I was going to die when I stood up and found the nearest chair and sat back down. It was seriously the worst I've ever felt in my life. The blood being drawn was no big deal it was just afterwards. I don't know if it was some kind of condition I have or something because about 50% of the time when I stand up I get light headed and can't see for a few moments. It's called postural hypotension or something I think. Well anyways it sucked. I know that people get lightheaded from getting blood drawn I just don't know if mine was worsened by what ever is wrong with me.

On to the first week. It didn't go to well. I was started on 40mg. The first day my chest hurt really bad. I don't know why but I doubt it was accutane since it was only the first day I was on it and it went away after a few hours. My back also hurt really bad anytime I would stand up and lie down. Just really stiff. I don't think this was accutane either because I had back problems before Accutane. After about a week though that was gone and now my back only hurts when jumping on a trampoline or things like that. I also got a nosebleed. Wasn't too bad or anything just clogged my nose with some toilet paper. So after those few incidences the month went by pretty well.

So I was out of Accutane until I got another order of it from my dermatologist. We called the office and it turns out he was on vacation. I ended up being off of accutane for about a week and a half. He called us and told us it would be fine though. I went to my appointment and as of now I'm on 60mg a day. Also the blood being drawn was no where near as bad as the first time. I just sat down and took deep breaths for awhile. I didn't feel great but it wasn't a big deal.

Now about my acne. Nothing really has changed at all. My lips are chapped all the time but my skin isn't that dry or at least it doesn't feel to bad. Acne hasn't really gotten any worse or better. I've heard right around the second month it was supposed to get better so hopefully it will start clearing up soon.

Heres some pictures.




It was taken with my phone so quality isn't too great. BTW those pictures were taken today (except back), but like I said it really hasn't gotten noticeably better or worse. The only difference I've noticed is my scab is bigger and uglier.

Well thanks for reading. Good luck to everyone else on Accutane.

Might as well add I'm about 5 10 and weigh 135lbs




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Hello Electric8 -

Just wanted to say that it is a good choice to take the accutane. My husband said that he broke out just like you, when he was 12-13. The breakouts continued to get worse, especially on his back. He held out hope that antibiotics and sunlight would help, but they didn't. Finally at age 29, he decided to try the accutane. He began clearing after about 4-6 weeks. His total treatment time was six months.

He's 38 now and he is still totally clear. His upper back is scarred, but that is only because he went without treatment for over 15 years. He wishes he would have taken accutane as a teenager.

Best of luck on your progress. We'll be checking in on your log from time to time.


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