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4 year old McDonald's burger and no fungus or mildew!

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They should really have a thinner spokesperson. It makes the message ironic.

That's what went through my head initially but then I realized that she probably lost a lot of weight herself and in the process wrote those books and now is a spokesperson.

As for the video... wow... I knew McDonalds was bad but I didn't know its products could maintain the same color and not grow mold for years! Has anything similar been done to other fast food chains like Burger King, Wendy's, etc?

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Watch this video. How is this possible? Do they put so much preservatives in it or what?

The term "junk food" just got a whole new meaning...

ewwww=( I do love McDonalds burgers but this does kind of ruin it. I also can stop my cravings for one usually by thinking about how their gresy employees probably dont wash their hands after going to the bathroom.

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McDonald's does claim that their burgers are 100% beef, along with seasonings. I'm sure they couldn't make that claim if they really loaded their beef with preservatives?

Maybe it's all the salt they add.

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I eat McDonalds every weekend and I only weight 112 and I'm 15 years old lol

A very common misconception among americans is that health has to do with how much you weigh, and it could not be more far from the truth

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I used to work at McD's as a teenager. The beef is actually meat, grilled on site. However, after the meat is cooked it is placed in a "staging cabinet" to keep it moist and fresh until someone orders a burger.

However, every so often we had to open up a packet of this green powder and pour it into the top of the cabinet to preserve the meat. You are not supposed to smell, taste, or touch this chemical powder because it can be toxic. This is probably the reason why they don't get mold for years :lol:

If you're going to eat there, best to go during peak hours when they're too busy to insert it into the staging cabinet and instead get it fresh off the grill.

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