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Finacea & Duac Rx

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Hello All,

I have super tough skin, super tough. I use a 10% glycolic toner (2-3 times daily) and juist started to use finacea (about one wk) twice daily.

Despite other ppl's reviews and comments. It doesn't itch, burn or irritate my skin in any way whatsoever. Should I ask for Azealez? Its' got 20% compared to finacea's 15%. But i also heard that despite the stonrger dosage, fiancea absrobs a lot better, hence more effective. It's been working the same as duac for me, slowly, slowly lightening up dark spots and helps keep acne at bay (well, except for thos constant 1 or 2)...

The only thing that worries me is....is it working for me? I mean, I don't feel any of the symptoms posted by other users. I haven't seen a post yet where they said they didnt experience any irritation.

My acne is not so bad. some blackhead and whiteheads that do eventually turn into zits, but managable and i usually have no more than 2 at a time. i used to have, like 10, so the 2 is just fine. there is no cure for acne, i know this (too scared to take accutane).

I also have dark spots i'd like to lighten up...im wondering if i use finacea and duac at the same exact time, twice a day, if that will speed up the lightening and/or also help get rid of those constant two zits...

Any thoughts much appreciated :)

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I, too, just started Finacea about a week ago. I haven't had any itching, burning, nothing. I used DUAC before. My derm says Finacea is excellent and works very well. I'd give it a good try (8 weeks) before moving to Azelex. Just because it's not burning doesn't mean it's not working. I wouldn't use them both at the same time though, no.

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hey, thanks for both your posts on the finacea, let me know how your progress is, and you're right, patience! I'll post again in another few weeks with my results, thanks again!

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