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Dan's regimen starter kit GERMANY

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Hi all member,

I really need Dan's starter kit. But due to importation restrictions acne.org can not ship to Germany.

Is anyone from here come from Germany ?

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I use Cordes BPO 3 from the Apotheke. My local Apo always tries to sell me the 5% version because that's the one they always have in stock, but I persist and always have them order the 3%. There are lots of BPO gels and cremes that you can buy in Apotheken, but Cordes is by far the best. It has a grand total of 5 ingredients:

BPO 3%

Propylenglycol 10%




A lot of similar brands either contain alcohol (too irritating) or, inexplicably, pore-clogging ingredients. I :wub: Cordes.

For a cleanser and lotion, you can use pretty much anything non-irritating and oil-free. Avene legere is a nice moisturizer, so is Dr. Wolff Halbfett (don't you love the name?). DM makes a dirt-cheap sunblock that I really like - it's from the Alergiker line, which is usually a signal for really oily, white lotion, but in this case it's oil-free and emulgatory agent-free. It's the one in the white tube with a red "OHNE" sticker on the top left corner that lists all the things they left out. It's non-irritating, doesn't clog pores and is not thick or shiny or slimy in the least.

Good luck!

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I really like Balea dry/sensitive skin in the pink tube, it removes makeup well and is moisturizing. It's DM's and Mueller's generic/Eigenmarke. They also have an oily skin version which I haven't tried. All DM generic cleansers are amazingly cheap, something like a Euro. Just be sure not to use anything that's bar soap!

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