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How Common are Initial Breakouts?

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Are they something that everyone goes through when going on accutane?

Also, if you know anything about how common joint pain post-accutane usage please let me know. There should be topics like this pinned in here :)

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I never had an initial breakout whilst on Tane which was brilliant but I was on the BP Regimen for 2 months prior to starting it so that may of helped.

As for the joint pain, I'm not going to post my story again as people will moan. But I've had it for nearly a year and it's severe. I think it's roughly about 105 of tane users that end up with some form of post-tane chronic side effects. Joint pain is reported in approx 14% of patients I think, iirc.

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No IB for me either! (Although this message board is EXTREMELY helpful and great, I think reading the posts here makes people unnecessarily worried about having an IB. :think: Just my $.02!)

I started on 20mg/day, then went to 40mg/day in month two, then 60mg/day in month three where I stayed for the rest of my 6-month course.

Good luck!

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very bad IB for 4 months. had mild-mod acne before tane, never had cysts until i took accutane. left now with scarring that is outrageous.

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