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White Fox

Do you get acne on both your face and body?

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Mmm...Well i have occasionaly pimples on the face, but its mostly little scars.

Light Acne on my Chest, and for a beautiful touch of uglyness,

Mild-Moderate Acne in my Back. Yeah it socks =(

So it all depends on the person, the age ect...

Ps : GOD ! I'm so happy that the acne in my back isn't in my face >_< !!!

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Hmmm...unfortunately yes. I get it on my face, on my upper back with random ones popping up on my mid-back, upper arms and shoulders, and my chest. How charming...Anyway, mostly what I have are very unbecoming scars and I get the occasional flare-ups. I don't know how to get rid of the scars though. Sometimes they look much more pronounced than other times.

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Yes, I have acne on my face, chest, shoulders, back and, unfortunately, my bossum. :( Luckily, my face acne is the most stubborn; ALL of my body acne has been completely and totally clear for many months just from using SA pads morning/night and in the shower using the Neutrogena BP body scrub.

I'm having a minor breakout now, but it's winter and I can rid myself of it subtlely and secretly before bathing-suit season hits in Florida! ;)

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I have acne on both my face and body. The other two familymembers suffering from acne has it too on both places, so I guess it's genetic. Just like with my brother, my bodyacne is slightly worse and more stubborn than my face acne.

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