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microskin for atrophic macules (white marks) and scarring...

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hello, i recently discussed how i was going to have dermal grafting on my chest scars on this forum, but i have since abandoned the idea as i believe they are probably too shallow to be able to treat properly. i have a mixture of incredibly shallow but very unsightly scars on my chest and a LOT of white atrophic macules that aren't really raised but cover it almost entirely. counting them all ni total there must be over 60 or 70, and i don't believe it's possible to treat one effectively, let alone all of them. i discovered that in brisbane australia there is a makeup treatment that can effectively cover just about any non-atrophic skin ailment called microskin. it's a makeup specially formulated for burn sufferers/vitilgo sufferers and other sufferers of severe skin discoloration/disfigurement. i dont think it can work for severely pitted acne scars but it looks like it may be able to cover up my (barely) indented scars and white marks completely. i'm posting this topic because i wanted to let you all know what i'm doing, since i would hate to abandon everybody like so many other people do on this site. i am going to travel to brisbane (i live in australia) in the next few weeks and have microskin formulated for me. the makeup is not like other makeups and is completely waterproof, and smudgeproof and remains on your body for several days. here's the site if you would like to know more.


i am completely confident that this is the best treatment for me. i know it will not remove my scars, only hide them, but when it comes down to it visibility is all that matters.

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About time you show yourself again! What went wrong with the dermal grafting? I thought the doctor sounded enthusiastic regarding your situation?

I'm in the exact same boat. If makeup could potentially help, then let's see it. Let me know what your results are!

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Hello, a quick update (much apologies for not responding sooner):

I haven't had the microskin yet. I had to postpone for undisclosed reasons until sometime next year but I'm really really looking forward to getting this done. As for the dermal grafting, I honestly can't say it'll work for me. Most of my scars are not of the "atrophic" sunken kind, but simply are made up of unsightly hypopigmented macules that pepper the surface of my chest. I do have some pitted scars, but they're simply far too shallow to respond to any sort of surgical procedure anyway. I don't even want to bother with lasers, as they sound like an enormous waste of money to me.

Again, sorry for not replying sooner. I'll try to make more sporadic visits to this page, especially on the days closely leading up to the date where I actually have the microskin done!

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