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Is it ok to use Proactiv Bp instead of neutrogena?

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Yes, in fact I saw much better results with the Proactiv bp. I had barely any breakouts at all while using Proactiv, and now my skin is significantly worse since having to go back to the Neutrogena. Also, you will notice, atleast I did, that the Proactiv is a little irritating and causes more dryness than the Neutrogena but I still think it works better.

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I never found Proactiv BP to be more effective than Neutrogena.

I did find that Proactiv BP has an obnoxious odor that I don't miss; however, because it was a smooth lotion and the BP is more finely milled than Neutrogena, it applied more easily.

However, Proactiv BP is overpriced and stinky. The developers of Proactiv call it an elegant scent. I call it stinky. Enough things are stinky in this world; I prefer an odorless acne medicine!

For a while I used Brevoxyl 4 BP gel until my prescription ran out. It was a wonderful, odorless gel. I'll bet Dan's is very similar.

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I think I'm the only one not offended by the Proactiv odor. It doesn't bother me at all. But put tape over your eyebrows while applying, or you'll have orange eyebrows (as with any bp).

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ProActiv made MY face worse! The only thing that's worked for me so far is Nutrogena. I sure hope Dan's new BP works as well!!!

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