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spiro and BCP v. just spiro

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Hi there-

I am on spironolactone 50 mg/day and finacea cream 2x/day (('ve been on finacea for about 9 mos. and it does help with pimples on forhead and around my mouth). I went off the BCP (ortho-tri-cyclen) about 6 months ago. I never got a period (this could be due to exercise/running). And my acne started to increase. I would get a few large, painful cysts along my jawline and lower cheeks. It wasn't toooo bad but definitely noticeable. Then I took progestin for 8 days so that I would have a period. The good news is that I did get a period the 2nd day after I finished the progestin (which is supposed to happen). The bad news is that I broke out like no other while on the progestin. argh. I went off the BCP and all meds b/c I figure, why take anything if I don't need to? Then I was put on spiro for reasons other than acne or blood pressure, and I STILL have to take progestin at least every other month to get a period. And if I'm breaking out...maybe I should just deal with it and go back on the pill? Maybe increase the spiro? Maybe both? I haven't had any adverse reactions to either. I guess my question is: Has anyone been on spironolactone alone and also a spiro/BCP combo? Comments? Suggestions? All is appreciated.

P.S. I am going to the M.D. tomorrow loaded with questions, so I will keep you updated if anyone else is curious.

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I was always on BCP with spiro and then eventually just went on Yasmin which has properties like spiro. I found that Yasmin was more effective than spiro and Demulen together.

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I was on Yasmin and after about 4 months my skin improved to almost completely clear (a tiny blemish now and then). But I don't do well on BCPs - I am one of the few who experiences even heavier periods on them than off. So I stopped taking it and switched to Spiro and worked up to 100 mg per day. I was never on both at the same time but I have heard doing so is very common.

The Spiro is working well - I've been on it about 6 months now and the result is about the same as being on Yasmin for me, though now I have very light, irregular periods. (I tried the herbal supplement Vitex to try to correct this and it did seem to help but I don't feel I can really be sure of its effectiveness.)

While I remain a bit confused about the effect certain hormones have on acne, I believe progesterone is problematic. When I was not taking anything for acne I noticed that the worst breakouts for me would occur right at the second half of my cycle which is when progesterone levels are on their way up. So I could see why the progestin could be causing problems for you. I wish I knew more about it though.

How did your appointment go?

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The appt. went well. The doctor prescribed Yaz and increased my spironolactone dosage to 100 mg/day. I've never had any problems with BCPs and haven't for the 4 days that I've been on Yaz, so that's good i.e. no breakthrough bleeding, moods, headaches (nothing! I'm very lucky). I just don't know if I should be on them long-term if they're not necessary, but again, I'd rather be on BCP than the progesterone every other month. Thanks for your reply! I will let ppl know how this combination is working after I give it a month or two :)

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