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BP turning into crumbs! Help!

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I've been using BP 2.5% a few months now and i'm almost clear. There's been a big improvement. It's really dried out my skin but I was fine with dealing with this side effect. Now all of sudden the BP doesn't absorb or blend in a good as before! Does anyone know why this is? the more i try rubbing it in the more it turns to stuff that look like eraser crumbs all over my face. Even after I wipe these balled up stuff off if i pass my finger over an area more crumbs appear.

Does skin eventually stop absorbing BP???

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Uhm maybe your BP has reach it's due date or something or lost the moisture in it. i face similar problem like yours but not every part came off like rubber . i guess maybe when you sweat a little and ur sweat and the bp combine cause something like this .but i am not very sure

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I know exactly what you mean. You have to make sure you get a good enough amount to cover your face at once. If you put BP on already dried BP, then you`ll get the eraser crumbs. Atleast this is how it is for me. I have to be fast applying it because it dries really fast.

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It's not dead skin. I had thought so at first because my skin is very dry because of the BP, but once I looked closely andt the crumbs it really just all BP. If I smoosh the crumbs between my fingers it'll with turn into a bp paste. I guess I'll assume its caused by the BP drying quickly. Very annoying since it only works if I used a whole lot. I don't follow Dan's regimen strictly but I do find that bp works best when I used a lot of it.

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