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good vitamin absorbtion

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I was told recently that a lot of the supplements, like the once a day multivitamins or multi B vitamin tablets we take don't actually get absorbed well by the body, most of it just gets passed through. It has something to do with the fact that a lot of brands just whack the vitamins together and apparently they need to be combined with other chemicals or some such in order to get absorbed. I'm also told that only a few brands do actually have this sorted.... unfortunately he was quiet on which ones.

Now I also thought, well if you take them with a meal surely that'll be fine, the chemicals or whatever will be in the food. But apparently it's because of the form the vitamins are in in tablet form as opposed to the naturally occuring ones in vegies that it still doesn't get absorbed quite so well.

So I guess I'm not getting as much vitamins in a day as I think I'm getting.

So long story short, has anyone heard of this, and does anyone know a good brand of multi B vitamins that are proven to get absorbed well?? Right now I just take Berocca Performance for daily vit B, it's not radical levels of B that some people take, but it's just so I know I'm getting enough in the day! :)

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sweet I usually take the fish oil and vit's together anyway, I guess most people use regular brands at the supermarket and it works for them so maybe it isn't that big a deal?

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Yea I get this brand from the health food store called rainbow light. The vitamins in there multi are plant based, damn expensive and you have to take alot but they absorb well and are really well formulated


also chelated minerals like zinc will be better absorbed because they come as amino acids and amino acids are what proteins require to function and since protiens are everywhere in your body you'll be sure its absorbed.

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thanks for that, someone also told me a brand called Xtend-life is good

only prob with living where I do you have to order this stuff in, any decent Aussie distributors out there?

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I use products from a company called Eniva. They have formulated many different vitamins iusing a proprietary liquid delivery system that is easily assimilated into your body. You can just google Eniva for more info. They have B complex product among others.

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My favorite multivitamin is " Skin Eternal Plus " By Source Naturals. This is best multivitamin that made for SKIN HEALTH!! It has everything in it for skin .. Vitamins , B Vitamins , Minerals , Amino Acids , Grapde Seed Extract , DMAE , ALA , Herbs !!!! And important NO IODINE!!... :dance:

Only thing that I dont like in this supplement is smelling damn yukkk :confused: Ah And you need take 4 tablets a day.. Sounds alot? Yes it is right 4 tablet for all this indigridient...


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man all this stuff I'm ordering in each month, I'll have to get a second job just to support this acne habit :P

cheers guys I'll check these all out

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