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BP, AHA, and bleaching

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I have been on the regimen for around three weeks and it's been brilliant so far. I've had acne for about five years now and although it's a very mild case (1-2 pimples consistently), it has always hacked me off so I've attempted pretty much everything to get shut of them without any success. The regimen, however, has cleared them right up and I'm extremely pleased with my results. Honestly, I wasn't expecting it to work at all since nothing I've tried ever has, but it did and I have no desire to quit.

However, one little side-effect is driving me spare and I can't help feeling greedy about having my cake and eating it, too, so I wanted to ask whether anything can be done.

I have black hair and the BP is bleaching it. I've got a bit of facial fair and my girlfriend asked me if I was dying it one night. I had no idea what she was talking about, but sure enough, the edges of it were a whitish blonde. I promptly shaved it off and vowed to be more careful in the future. Once it grew back, I practically became a finger contortionist attempting to get the BP as close to the hair without touching it (unfortunately, the places I'm most prone to getting acne are in the lines from my nose to my mouth and my chin, which are pretty much right against where my hair grows). Despite my efforts, it still bleached.

I shaved it off again and tried once more -- still no luck.

So now that you've read this insanely long and unnecessary backstory, my question is, would it be possible to substitute AHA in those areas closest to my facial hair/eyebrows and maintain the BP everywhere else and still see the results I'm getting as far as acne control? Does the AHA work for acne prevention or is it just for evening out skin?

If that won't work, any other suggestions would be most welcome.

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